Tara Reid gets owned by Paris Hilton

August 28th, 2006 // 66 Comments

tara_reid_denied.jpgTMZ has a great video of Tara Reid being denied entry to Hyde and then moments later having her former best friend Paris Hilton waltz by with Kim Kardashian and go straight in. It’s almost sad. Like watching Gary Coleman try to buy a TV only to find out his credit card is maxed out. Only it’s not a TV. It’s a hamburger.


  1. I'm in the nude for love scoo ba di booo salami

    Nope. Don’t really care that I can’t see the video.

  2. Tara Reid has been conspicuously absent from the news lately.


  3. mrs.t

    Dear Superfish and TMZ,

    Please refund to me the past 48 seconds of my life.



  4. Does she even count as an actress anymore? It seems like all she does with her spare time is eat burritoes and go clubbing…and she used to be so hot.


  5. ____

    Tara – meet the final nail in your coffin.
    Now please move the F out of L.A.

    You couldn’t even do porn now.


  6. i remember thinking she was so hot in van wilder. what the hell happened?

  7. jaclynstone

    I can’t get the video to play. It keeps giving me an error message telling me, “If the file is on the internet, connect to the internet and try again. If the file is on a seperate disk, insert the disk and try again.”

    Does anyone know if this video has been hosted elsewhere so I can see it?

  8. let’s not forget that tara reid has pepperoni nipples!


  9. cerisier

    What I really want to know is, why the hell are they playing Footloose by Kenny Loggins?

  10. Mock Turtle

    Did anyone else notice that the songs that can be heard emitting from this self proclaimed “too good for D-list celebrities” hot spot are “Footloose” and “My Boyfriend’s Back”?

    I don’t know who’s more pathetic, Tara Reid for being turned away or Paris Hilton for not turning herself around when she realized what they were playing.

  11. frenchtoaststix

    In other news, people who sleep with Paris Hilton have to swab their genitals in Tilex:


  12. McRican

    Wow, that was actually a little bit painful to watch. I am embarassed FOR her! Yeesh. But then again it is Tara Reid… she has no shame, why should this be any different?

  13. yesdnil311

    but…why the hell would you want to go there? The music sucks!

  14. What is most sad is that she continues to stand there after being denied access. I would have left with my dignity… not stand there looking like a sad puppy that no one wants to bring home. The music is really lame for a trendy club and the look that Paris gives just says.. hey, I made a sex tape and you didn’t… so I am too cool for you.


  15. Dory

    I think the comedy value would have been so much higher if reidy had been let in and paris denied

  16. Oh, how the might have fallen. Although it’s hard to fall much lower than she already was.


  17. Cleosneedle


    That’s what I was wondering.Who the hell would want to go in to that p.o.s club. The music that play at these “it” clubs remind me of homecoming at my highschol. They must have played Paris’s new tune.


  18. I got this message:

    “We’re sorry!”
    “Your machine does not meet the minimum system requirement in order to view the AOL Video Player.”

    So I hightailed over here:


    She spanks em and she spanks em hard!

  19. Binky

    Don’t sweat it Tara. It happens.
    I used to have the same problem at Wendy’s – that Dave guy was a prick.

  20. scrooge

    Being old, used and ugly usually doesn’t get you VIP to the clubs.


  21. AmberDextrose

    I couldn’t view it either. Clearly the junk filter is set higher on my machine than yours :-*

  22. hotintempe

    I guess she’s off the wagon?!

  23. Sassy


    I actually feel really sorry for her.

  24. polypam

    Doesn’t Tara Reid have any girlfriends left? Her entourage is a bunch of dudes.

  25. Cruzadas

    serves her right, bitch

  26. The bitch doesn’t even have any PRIDE left…as she was denied..with cameras on..she STAYS there as the crowd grows bigger…and people come by and give her what seems like condolences…

    If I heard that music and they didn’t let me in, I’d have been out of there and onto the next thing. But If I were there..i would have been let in..and I would have made them play cool music.

  27. MyWellRehearsedMistake

    Can’t believe Tara stands there waiting to be let in to an obviously shit club with that look on her face like she’s about to burst into tears. Maybe this is a daily occurance for her now – she’s used to being treated like a dried up has-been. Which is weird cos out of the two of them, Tara is the only one who was once a ‘real’ actress. I agree with #24. Where the hell are her friends? She seems to be there by herself. What a way to party.

  28. NunoH

    Poor Tara. Good thing cocaine will always be her friend.

  29. RichPort

    So “Josie and the Pussy Cats” and buying double D’s only gets you on the D List? Good to know. We haven’t heard much out of this salicious semen recepticle since she limped out our Rodman’s place… even Carmen Electra recovered faster than that.

  30. ob1

    Who the fuck would want to go to that club anyway the music is horrible? Sounds like TGI Fridays.

    This is pretty fucking sad.

    Reminds me of this guy I know….Rob F.

  31. jrzmommy

    As if the doormen have anything going for them. Hellooo? You’re a fucking BOUNCER! You check IDs for a living, remember? You don’t split atoms or cure cancer.

    Regardless, Tara Reid is a prideless pig and if she determines her self-worth by what a fucking neanderthal doorman at a bar thinks about her then she deserves to OD on cocaine cut with Ajax.

  32. I love to see adult women acting like high-school students. “Nyah, nyah, I get to listen to Footloose and you-ou doooon’t…” “SOB!! My life is RUINED!!”

  33. Mtg Babe

    poor thing, welcome to the Z-list baby…don’t cry..it will get better.

  34. ob1

    @ #6. Welcome to the world of high definition.

  35. clarknova

    Come on, Footlose?

  36. clarknova

    Only the last song sounds kind of decent, The Raveonettes, the rest is just lame shit.

  37. popegoestheweasel

    Is it wrong to feel just a bit sorry for Tara? I mean yeah she’s brought herself down and all. Does make you wonder about “friends” like Paris though. She must go through friends like others go through kleenex.

  38. sirap

    - You like Men At Work?
    –what men?
    -Men at work.
    - well where do they work?
    – No, they’re a music group.
    - well what do they call themselves?
    – Oh no! What about the Police?
    - You ever heard them?
    – No, but I seen them.
    - Where, in concert?
    – No, behind you.

  39. clarknova

    Actually I feel sorry for her too. Those doormen are just pathetic, that’s the only way they can feel they exist.

  40. iburl

    I am a big Hollywood star leading the glamorous life. My exciting lifestyle includes going to the hottest nightspots in the country. Places that only the most sublimely talented artists of our nation may enter. Places that play the best and most cutting edge music in the world like Kenny Loggins’ “Footloose”, Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”, and The Angel’s “My Boyfriend’s Back”. Did I say Hollywood? I meant Uzbekistan.

  41. vainandlovingit

    Tara is a four letter word…

  42. SuburbanCowboy

    Welcome to bizarro world where the celebs are “Paris Hilton” and “Tara Reid”, and was that Joe Francis, the Girls Gone Wild guy hugging Tara Reid?

    I wish I was alive when Sinatra, and Marilyn were the cool people to have in your club.

  43. Bioplant

    I’m sorry, but THAT was awesome.

    The look on her face was hilarious. And yes, I’d nail Tara, Paris, or big boobies Kim.

    If they paid me… in antibiotics.

  44. saltpeanuts

    Silver Dollars, Silver Dollars, Tara Reid’s got Silver Dollars.

  45. MyWellRehearsedMistake

    41. Don’t knock the Uzbekistani nightclubs. I’ve heard if you supply them with enough coke and put them on the guestlist Young Hollywood will party there. But, then, most of them would go to the opening of an envelope.

  46. That’s the club that everyone wants to get into? The music that’s playing wouldn’t get played in any decent club, let alone a Hollywood “hot spot”. I almost feel for Tara, she hangs around soooo long because she knows when she walks away everyone is going to be looking… and laughing. The glance Paris gives her is great, especially in light of the poor album sales Little Miss Valtrex has to be proud of.

  47. Courtney

    I definitely feel bad for her. All she has in life is getting trashed, how dare they deny her that. Plus I totally like her better than Paris Hilton, but that generally goes without saying.

  48. Gary Coleman couldn’t afford a hamburger.
    No, seriously I’m glad that I did not watch this video.

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