Tara Reid like you’ve never seen her before

January 24th, 2008 // 98 Comments

Tara Reid got drunk last night in London and flashed her venomous nether regions while getting out of a car. Tara Reid was allegedly sober once. It was during the first few minutes of her birth. Though I hear five bottles of whiskey fell out of her mom’s uterus when they cut the umbilical cord. Years later a pony keg was also found in her fallopian tube. Sadly, it was kicked.

Photos: INFdaily.com

  1. Puppy Dog Lover

    It looks like she brushed her dog and then put its hair on her head. WTF

  2. Are we still looking at Tara’s snatch? Can we please move on? I am sure by now Britney has found her way to a Buddhist Monastery and did a striptease for the Monks..

  3. Yes Ript, I have several pairs of tights exactly like that and they all come with panty liner area stuff, whatever that thing is called. Maybe it’s for if you don’t want to wear actual underpants under them.

    Is it time to go home yet??? Why doesn’t Tara have to work? Life isn’t fair. I want to go to London and drink til I puke and wander around in my pantyhose and, no nevermind, I’m ok…

  4. Well, if Britney terrorizes kids, I can see her terrorizing monks as well.

    I only terrorize the dude behind the counter at the liquor store..

  5. HollyJ

    I bet her high-traffic poon is swollen and hanging out of the hole like an inside-out sea anemone.

    Imagine the compression strength of that polyester, to hold all that damp meatiness in. *ponder*

    I wonder if nylon can cry.

  6. theGrass

    She’s ugly, beat up, and smells really bad.

  7. We us to do that too. I went to school with his kid and he was a retard, but they had the coldest beer in town. .

    Is it time to go home yet??

  8. blah

    hahaha i bet its where she puts her coke

  9. twzzlrgirl

    Wow, I’m seeing some of the old favorites on here again…apache, zanna, pinky nip.

    How’s everyone doing????

  10. She used to seem so sweet.

  11. p0nk

    wow! twzzlr. it has been a while.

  12. Judd

    I thought that girls that age didn’t wear pads like that, instead shoved tampons in their puss!! I’d fuck her too–right in her alcohol cleansed mouth!

  13. justtheobvious

    sick sick sick. She should stick to her boob falling out at p diddys parties

  14. matilda

    What is it exactly that Tara Reid does?

  15. Vulgar Display of Power

    Warning! This site is run by a bunch of pedophiles that would make Michael Jackson proud. They steal money from children and even molest a few a month. If you support this site you support pedophiles.

  16. KickRocks

    She looks like W.C. Fields in picture #3. (shudders)

  17. twzzlrgirl

    Hey, p0nk :)

    It has been awhile…it’s nice to see old names on here again! The fun crowd :)

  18. Tara is slim. Why many celebs are so slim?? I am a BBW from plussingle.com.I still think BBW is more sexy than them

  19. titsonsnack

    She looks like every small town’s small-town trashbag whore. There’s a Tara Reid in every community.
    This Tara Reid just happened to be in a couple movies.

  20. DH

    Wow, incredible ignorance. There’s nothing to see here – it’s just her pantyhose. Do you people actually know real women? Clearly not.

  21. fo'sXgirl

    omg….i’m not gonna bother to scroll and see who wrote this cuz i’m lazy…..but BEEF FLAPS??? Maybe i’m a hermit cuz i’ve never heard that before…but holy crap! i laughed until i almost peed. I know. I could have kept that too myself.

  22. Niner


  23. emmaleigh

    I Love love LOVE her haircut. If I hadn’t been trying to grow mine out the past year I’d go cut it like that right now.

  24. Whitman

    Be young and hot. Do nothing of consequence, with little talent and no artistic value, and earn untold millions. Become an alcoholic with personality disturbances and fuck thuggish looking Arab men while being photo’d by the papps. Fade to obscurity ….

  25. Champ

    She actually looks kinda hot with her clothes on.

  26. Funny thing is, that seat was a lovely beige colored rich Corinthian leather before Ms. Reid’s toxic hoo ha initiated an unexpected burnishing process on it.

  27. @76

    Please lay off the X. It is effecting your skank-o-meter.

    Taht is all.

  28. ontisura

    a tipical pantyhose with cotton crotch.

  29. These comments are scay-roooood.

  30. onitsura

    a tipical pantyhose with cotton crotch

  31. mofoghetto

    Last Photo: Isn’t that Julien McDonald from Project Catwalk? Fuck I hate that whiny little priss! Nice sparkly pants! Now who’s the “fasion victim” ? Fitting that he would be seen with the likes of Superskank Tara Reid.

  32. havoc

    A drunk chick flashing her snapper?

    Gotta love it…….


  33. Funny thing is, that seat was a lovely beige colored rich Corinthian leather before Ms. Reid’s toxic hoo ha initiated an unexpected burnishing process on it.

  34. Shesh

    C’mon, get a life. All of you.

  35. Ivarman

    I mean, does anybody really think she’s flashing anything in these photos? Are you really that retarded, or have you never seen a woman in real life?

    You see pantyhose. I find that sexy, because I’m a fetishist, and I’d do Tara any day of the week. If you think you see a deformed vagina, you are way, way more pathetic than me!

  36. the rich man’s oksana baiul.

  37. Jules

    OMG, she’s a man!


  38. titsonsnack

    But it’s more fun to make fun of someone’s panty hose than it is to wish we could fuck them.

  39. What a silly bitch.I could totally wrestle her.

  40. That hair looks alright on Tara. Like #5, as long as her torso area is covered, I’m pretty cool with her. Also, I don’t really want her to puke on me.

  41. Mama Pinkus

    Ms. Reid looks better with a bit of weight on her. The haircut is cute although the hair itself looks a bit horse-hairish. Not sure WTF is up with the black hose/tights – those are hideous.

  42. Goliano

    That was nice of her.

  43. elle

    are those testicles?

  44. Caroline

    It’s just the gusset in the tights. And at least she looks MILDLY respectable.

  45. She really still continues making a mess out of herself.. Poor girl!

  46. mike

    no those r not testicles tara has the best pussy lips known to man.. tara is so hot and sexy heres the hottest girl on the face of this planet.. luv ya tara..

  47. I Forgot It

    Tara Reid Like you’ve never seen her before…what, you mean Sober? Or did you mean fully clothed and not drenched in homless man semen?

  48. tommyboy

    Hmmm? I wonder if her pussy smells?

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