Tara Reid forgets her bra

March 16th, 2007 // 61 Comments

Tara Reid was spotted shopping in Beverly Hills over the weekend without her bra on in a see through shirt. And what planet does Tara Reid think she’s on that it would possibly be okay for her to go out without a bra? She has monster implants from hell. The only top she could wear that would even be mildly acceptable is plate armor.


  1. bungoone

    i hope there are blur marks because you are considerate don’t want us to see her nasty rack otherwise, i don’t really see nipples here.

  2. fame is funny

    So that’s what an alien grandma looks like…

  3. freak_show

    Did you see the losers in the back gawking? “We’re so cool!!! We saw Tara Reid!!!”

  4. Why did you guys blur? I don’t see shit. You tease me with those blurs, so I click on all the images. fuckers. haha

  5. JungleRed

    Well, it caught YOUR attention, didn’t it? Apparently Tara’s little pea brain can still generate a photo-op that the media can’t resist.

  6. PunjabPete

    Oh no!! There is a flesh colored reflection from that top of hers… Someone get the blur tool…. STAT!!!


  7. PunjabPete

    I heard Bunny will suck your cock for $1000….

  8. MrSemprini

    Man, I thought you had run out of room and had meant to say ‘brain’. Course, to Tara, they amount to the same thing.

  9. Maybe that is what is in the bag. She can bounce those knockers off my face anytime!

  10. Thomas the Wrapper

    This is better than her cock sticking out.

  11. ponk

    you say “forget” as if it was unintentional. Tara Reid forgets how to walk and chew gum at the same time. She doesn’t “forget” her bra.

  12. whitegold

    You know, not that I’m really a Tara Reid fan or anything, but I’d totally hit it (at least, the version of her where she’s in decent shape). To the best of my knowledge she doesn’t have any disease filled past, right? And she’s decently cute, has a nice little body on her.

    But I also would like to know why those pics were blurred out? I didn’t really see much of anything there. But judging by the face of that guy in background, maybe it was more obvious in person. You know that big goofy grin on his face is cuz he just saw Tara’s boobs go bouncing on by.

  13. ponk

    and wtf is up with the blur on those pics? totally unnecessary. Hey Pete, good to see you around again.

  14. mmmBitch

    Even before all her boob stuff and surgery, she had THE MOST AWKWARD body EVARR!
    No hips, no waist, and sloping shoulders. I’ll give it that she has nice eyes and a good smile, but man, I think her apeal is that she reminds guys of the trashy girl at the bar who seems easy.

  15. pekpekshorts

    how much is she worth? where does she get her money?

  16. TashaVin`

    I don’t think Tara forgot ANYTHING!

  17. Wait….shopping in Beverly Hills?!? How does she have any money left?
    And btw, those glasses are hideous.

  18. wedgeone

    #12 – Before you start hyping up her bod, perhaps you’d better search the Fish archives & check out the nasty bikini photos from 3 months ago. The bad lypo job on her stomach and cottage cheese thighs is sure to make you puke all over your keyboard.

    #14 – “the trashy girl at the bar who seems easy”: you summed it up perfectly right there. No more needs to be said about TR.

    & I can’t believe that someone felt the need to blur these pics. That’s False Advertising!! This article wasn’t even worth posting.

  19. FRIST!!!

    Then again, she IS only carrying one bag….maybe just a $20 tube of lipstick. They always give you oversized bags in Beverly Hills. It’s like free advertising.

  20. DrPhowstus

    Thanks Mr. Fish. Why the fuck wasn’t the blurring tool used on her fucking face?

  21. slipangle

    so what? unless you have saggy ass boobs a bra is optional. so is a top for that matter.

  22. ch474

    Why do I think this thread would have been better with video. Bouncy Bouncy.

  23. It looks as if she forgot her panties too?

  24. N@ughty

    Just when i thought Tara Reid couldn’t get any sexier…and here she proves us wrong again. look at her! that rack, that hot body (even with the tube tied to her stomach) and that sexy little “death stare” when she walks. It just makes me hornier and hor-…wait a second…IM A GIRL. FUCK TARA REID!

  25. connie2331

    my favorte hollywood skanks back to back…. hohan and tara sleaze. i like em sleazy and it feels like my birthday.

  26. danielle

    I think Tara is okay. She’s got a lot of bad press because of her botched cosmetic surgery, but all in all she is a pretty good actress and seems like she’d be a lot of fun to party with.

    I’m just not sure where this “fuck the celeb” mentality came from. Sersiouly. If we had a nickle for every bad move a celebrity made, we’d easily have hundreds of dollars.

  27. AGAIN…why were the pics blurred? no wait, let me rephrase that:
    why didn’t u blurr her face? replacing that pic with a dancing monkey woulda been cuter than that. but oh well, this is the superficial…and Tara Reid IS ugly. gooooo SUPERFISH!!!!

  28. justme

    I wish women would stop putting beach balls in their chests. Small tits are great.

  29. PunjabPete

    Sup Ponk!!

    Slowly getting back in the groove…

  30. The guy from “Girls Gone Wild” said that Tara Reid was the worst fuck he’d ever had. Since according to lawsuits he seems to fuck girls so drunk that they are puking or passed out I think that really says something about Miss Reids lack of skills in the sack.

    When you are coming 2nd behinde the passed out girl with vomit in her hair you need to go back to Sex School.

  31. connie2331

    tara might have forgot her bra….. but you can look in that bag and see that she remembered to bring her jockstrap.

  32. thebor


    Finally lookin good again.

  33. GreenEyedBlue

    You know, she’s actually starting to look kinda good again. She should wear clothing more often.

  34. wink

    Some(aka MOST) of you kids are nutz…we’re gonnna let your mothers know your on the computer when your suppose to be watchin “The Kids Show” on TV.

  35. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    God I hate Jews.

  36. danielle

    Ponk and Pete should get a room in the Gay Bar hotel.

  37. gretchen

    do hollywood girls get their nipples surgically removed or something?

  38. DrPhowstus

    And there you have it folks. To anyone who may have wondered why danielle gets gangbanged like an outtake from “Plumpers 12: More Meat For The Treat”, read #36. I’m joking, we know she’s never been fucked. I mean no one’s ever had sex with her. She’s obviously already fucked.

  39. connie2331

    i wish i was tara’s OBGYN….. i would put her under… flip her on her tummy, and lick her from star to snail about 200 times, wake her up and set up next months visit!!!

  40. DrPhowstus


    That was fucking great.

  41. Pikachelsea

    The transparency of her shirt wasn’t as bad as I expected, but those big stupid fake boobs down to her elbows still make her look like a grandma. And I agree with whoever said that the gawkers in the background look retarded. Stop grinning retards, nobody cares about you.

  42. ponk

    #36 damnyell, how about you getting a cubicle in a morgue…better make it a doublewide, you fat, ugly, stupid, jig.

  43. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    Holy hell those tits are ATE THE FUCK UP.

  44. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Danielle, I wanted to share this with you, for old times sake….

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  45. schack

    #14- don’t forget that she has big trunk calves, no ankles, and huge knarled feet

  46. schack

    well, she used to in american pie. i wonder if she got her ankles liposucked. can you do that?

  47. Ruby

    @26 good actress?? wha? whaaaat? and the “fuck the celeb” mentality came from the the very idea behind this website, shithead.

  48. Anglophile

    I’m with Danielle. What’s ‘not OK’ about TR shopping without a bra? — except that I would be sufficiently distracted to walk into a wall and smash my classic profile. She’s gorgeous, voluptuous and likes to have a good time. Now if only she liked debonair Ivy Leaguers … I’d have it made.

  49. NipsyHustle

    she probably forgot her bra in the stock room where she turned tricks for the “freebies” in her bag. i mean really, when was the last time she earned cash money for a job? her last gig was New Year’s Eve in Chicago and everybody knows she was paid in Vodka.

  50. #3, you need counseling.

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