Tara Reid fan: I’ve got your heirlooms, rummy

February 21st, 2008 // 47 Comments

A New Jersey woman purchased some items at an auction that belonged to Tara Reid’s grandmother. The items include a ton of Tara’s baby photos and letters the grandmother wrote to baby Tara. But the Reid family doesn’t seem to be interested, according to Page Six:

“These are sentimental family heirlooms,” said the current owner. “It has no monetary value but looks like it would be valuable to the family.” She’s tried reaching out to the Reid family, but, “They just don’t seem interested, or maybe they aren’t even aware we have it.”

I happen to have a copy of one those letters right here. Let’s take a peak at this precious exchange from a loving grandmother:

Dear sweet little Tara,

Your Grandmama so enjoys your visits with her and Poppy. We think it’s just adorable the way your two-year-old little hands open the liquor cabinet and pour yourself a juice cup full of Jim Beam. It was also so heartwarming to introduce us to your boyfriend you met at the track when you escaped for four hours. Your Poppy loves meeting new people. He’d never met a 60-year-old truck driver before. I think you two make a handsome couple – when you’re not piss drunk and throwing bottles at each other. But relationships are a tricky sort.
Grandmama has to go now. The police are here to ask questions about your little car ride. We still don’t know how you reached the pedals. Such a smart girl you are.

Hugs and Kisses!


P.S. Hope you enjoy the scotch-soaked Oreos! My little cupcake’s favorite treat! Smooches!

Photo: Bauer-Griffin

  1. bigSTEAMYone

    I love drunk tramps

  2. John evans

    accidentally first?

  3. gosyco

    accidentally first?

  4. gosyco

    :) it was fun to try

  5. monkeyfightclub

    that’s a sweet pic of her standing in her own urine

  6. Exciting!

    A Nick Lachey story! (apparently he whines)

    A Christina story…again! (apparently she has implants+maternity humungi boobs…still)

    A Tara Reid’s grandmother’s stuff that somebody bought story!

    My heart pounds awaiting the next story! Today is like living inside multiple orgasms!

  7. Ript1&0

    Harharhar…. Holy shit Fish, that was totally mean. Funny, though… prickhole… Yeah, I guess she is pretty drunk. Tara, honey, buy this stuff back and at least get rid of it. It’s creepy to imagine someone else having your family’s sentimental things.

  8. Ethan

    A night out drinikng with Dave Matthews….

  9. Auntie Kryst

    Yeah she’s a freaking train wreck, but I so want to have a shot drinking contest with her.

  10. The Office Whore

    9- me too! me too!!

  11. niles

    She probably sweats vodka, not that I mind!

  12. Mm, even better than Double Stuf.

  13. For this story, I was hoping for pictures of a nipple slip and a crotch flash by Tara’s grandmother, so I could do my gnarly nipple vula droop dance.

  14. kerry


  15. Antique Collector

    Now which respected auction house handled this, Sotheby’s or Christie’s? Oh never mind…Jersey, feh.

  16. Racer X


  17. Mike

    Hey FRIST, it’s me Mike, the original one. I like how that guy told you in the last post to touch your wet pussy………..lol.

    Just let him know I’ll be touching it for you, that you don’t need to.

  18. steve

    I saw a story about Judge Reinhold’s cousin twice removed popping a zit.

  19. Mike

    #13 Jimbo, how’s it going? Haven’t talked to you in a while.

  20. Jumpin_J

    Must make note to self: mmmm… scotch-soaked Oreos… aahhhhhrgh (drool)

  21. Grunion

    Now dance rummy !

  22. Mike

    I can’t take it, this is too boring – FRIST!!! come on, strip those clothes off and shake it for us! And don’t be proud – we love the down on all fours looking back over your shoulder pose (if you didn’t eat a high fiber breakfast).

  23. Mike

    #22………Nice funny troll………I love trolls, they are sooooo funny. Especially when they try to be me, it is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Mike, It is not bad when you get the funny troll, but when you get the retarded troll, it gets annoying. And by annoying I am referring to #13..

  25. Mike

    #24…….well damn it I thought that was really you…………….lmao. Nah I kind of figured it wasn’t you, but wasn’t sure if you decided to act like a child today………..haha.

  26. Mike, I never act like a child. You have to act like a very friendly adult to get them into the van.

  27. I can let my troll say all the things I only think about saying.

  28. Leave FRIST!!! alone. She’s cool. Hey, what??

  29. Mike

    #26……..I guess I am learning everyday. I just pull out my weiner and they think I am a child so they get into the van…………..lmao.

  30. Mike

    Jimbo, why don’t you e-mail me. Oh and can you e-mail FRIST and ask her if she will e-mail me too?

  31. Mike

    And by e-mail of course I’m talking about cybersex.

  32. I can let my troll say all the things I only think about saying.

  33. Mike I just emailed FRIST so hard she’ll be making typos all afternoon.

  34. Mike

    JIMBO………….I don’t know which is you…….anyhow……….e-mail me.

  35. Mike

    I just emailed FRIST right in her Out box.

  36. Black Guy

    I tried to email FRIST but I got a warning that my attachment was too big.

  37. You guys are weird..

  38. justtheobvious

    then we would never have to see another beaver flash or bad boob shot again!

  39. boboank

    cute couple. B TW, Her album is the most popular one at the celebrity and millionaire dating site named”SearchingMillionaire.com”

  40. NastyBedazzler

    I think you mean Jim BEAM there, you silly fuck.

    I love pointing out other people’s mistakes (and whenever you submit a nitpicking post you must always triple-check it to make sure you didn’t make mistakes or else you run the risk of getting torn to shreds. Happy searching guys!)

  41. D. Richards (Slob.)

    Why in the fuck, would a person pay money for Tara Reid memorabilia?

    Burn it all! Burn it, I say!

  42. adrian

    Is she peeing all over the sidewalk??!!

    please vote for my photo with Bono! Thanks!


  43. is drunk or what hapend ….he he she need water.!

  44. toolboy

    She’s not drunk, she’s attainable.
    I think I would, but I would have to invoke the No Talkie Talkie rule. And speaking of grandmothers, WTF is Anthony Edwards doing in my NaNa’s blue shoes?!

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  46. washington

    Why is Michael Stipe hanging out with Tara Reid?

  47. Drake

    It’s official, her body is now 50% vodka.

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