Tara Reid fan: I’ve got your heirlooms, rummy

A New Jersey woman purchased some items at an auction that belonged to Tara Reid’s grandmother. The items include a ton of Tara’s baby photos and letters the grandmother wrote to baby Tara. But the Reid family doesn’t seem to be interested, according to Page Six:

“These are sentimental family heirlooms,” said the current owner. “It has no monetary value but looks like it would be valuable to the family.” She’s tried reaching out to the Reid family, but, “They just don’t seem interested, or maybe they aren’t even aware we have it.”

I happen to have a copy of one those letters right here. Let’s take a peak at this precious exchange from a loving grandmother:

Dear sweet little Tara,

Your Grandmama so enjoys your visits with her and Poppy. We think it’s just adorable the way your two-year-old little hands open the liquor cabinet and pour yourself a juice cup full of Jim Beam. It was also so heartwarming to introduce us to your boyfriend you met at the track when you escaped for four hours. Your Poppy loves meeting new people. He’d never met a 60-year-old truck driver before. I think you two make a handsome couple – when you’re not piss drunk and throwing bottles at each other. But relationships are a tricky sort.
Grandmama has to go now. The police are here to ask questions about your little car ride. We still don’t know how you reached the pedals. Such a smart girl you are.

Hugs and Kisses!


P.S. Hope you enjoy the scotch-soaked Oreos! My little cupcake’s favorite treat! Smooches!

Photo: Bauer-Griffin
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