Tara Reid falls down…again

February 6th, 2007 // 62 Comments



  1. 86

    Surprised no one captured the beav shot.

  2. karifarrell

    Did anyone check her mouth? Maybe she was just trying to chew gum at the same time…

  3. tits_on_snack

    I’ve said it before… she reminds me of every small town in the world’s resident welfare ho. Even the name “Tara Reid” screams small-town chainsmoking highschool dropout ho.

  4. RussianMafia

    Conditioner would be a good investment for her. My friend is best friends with her brother… Her house is a total mess and she is always sleeping through the day

  5. griffmills

    I’d like to jump on her, after she tripped, and hump her leg, I would

  6. Surria

    That snake pendant on her dress says it all. I mean, blaming your friends for being a dumb ass who can’t walk… That takes talent.

    The thing that bothers me is the way her toes go over the ends of her shoes. What’s that about.

    Tara, you have money… get some shoes that you won’t fall in and that don’t make your feet look huge!

  7. ph7

    “Ocean Drive Magazine/Market America party”

    Wow. Look at that”red Carpet” at the high falutin’ affair – its fricking red astroturf! with chunks missing! LOL. Looks like a ghetto promo.

  8. jesseeca

    I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that she’s wearing 8 inch heels in the sand either.

  9. DrBob2607

    Picture #3 shows Ms. Reid with a bad case of “Hummer Knee”. If she’s going to be going down, playing the skin flute, she should invest in a pair of knee pads..

  10. MrSemprini

    #7 She’s been shopping at Shoe Carnival again… in the bargain bin! On %50 Friday!

    OK, she needs a brain intervention. Who’s in? OK, Hector, Gawain, Isolde, that’s five. Right!

  11. RichPort

    The trainwreck express will now be departing for Slutsville with stops at, Plastic Canyons, Worn Cooterstown, Drunken Ho, Dimpled Belly, and Used Labia. Please wash your hands upon entering and leaving the coach.

  12. captainwalker

    It’s the experience of a lifetime – win a wild, sexy, and breathless two-week trip to New York City!!!

  13. LL

    Not that Tara isn’t a dummy, but she obviously fell because of those ugly-ass shoes.

  14. PrettyBaby

    #12 – Rich, awesome Andy Dick impression! That’s exactly what he’d say about this.

  15. Ivan the Horrible

    What the hell is wrong with her legs?

  16. blondewithnobrain

    her boobs are friggin’ HUGE!!!! did she get yet ANOTHER bad boob job??

  17. Carsten5577

    She obviously has no clue how to walk in those high heels.

  18. Lowlands

    No wonder she fell down.Look at the third photo from the left(scroll,scroll).If anybody gonna walk like this, like she’s standing here,for sure you gonna fall.

  19. -Stormy.

    Before the implants she was hot…
    and didn’t have such an attitude.

    Fake ta-ta’s, especially poorly done as hers, are such a turn-off.

  20. mrlithium

    she has the grossest legs out of anyones i’ve ever seen, in all of these pics.

  21. ch474

    Who’s the trollop with the nice natural rack in pic 5?

  22. BigJim

    If the title had said “Tara Reid Falls to Her Death” then I might have been interested in reading this story.

  23. Ugh. What a ho-bag. She’s probably high, or drunk, or both, or hopped up on GOOF BALLS!

  24. HollyJ

    She’s starting in a new movie called “High Heels, Pigeon Toes”

  25. -Stormy.

    Here’s how I’ll always remember her:

    What happened to that sweet girl in American Pie??

  26. lambman

    Man she used to be so cute,

    I caught a bit of “Urban Legend” the other day and seriously didn’t recognize her. Check out the movie poster lol.



  27. whitegold

    Seriously, she looks pretty decent in these pics. I mean, decent in a “I’m gonna do some freaky shit to you” type of way. And the fact that she’s such a ditz also, you could basically do whatever you wanted to that body. Not bad.

  28. whitegold

    #26 – damn she looks good in that pic, it’s a shame how much she’s changed.

  29. I shagged her back when she was hot.

  30. anothershityear

    T. Reid was great looking up to a point, still has a shadow of it left, now is going through that N. Jersey raging alcoholic-aging thing

    who is that chick in the background? what a (natural) rack on her, lid ain’t bad either

    that full-length pic top-row looks like one of those baby foals taking its first faltering steps immediately after birth

    she might be a dry drunk by now

  31. The Devil's Prom Date

    That gin blossom is coming along REAL NICE.

  32. KimberWolf

    When was the last time she actually worked? I mean, can anyone remember the last film they saw her in?

  33. In a word: expected.

  34. Tracy

    Those shoes are downright ridiculous. Look at her feet in the 3rd picture… her toes are doing the toe-version of a white knuckle clutch!

  35. Edna Bambrick

    A video message from Edna Bambrick. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Me9P2YvkuE

  36. tits_on_snack

    Alright alright, I submitted a couple of kinda interesting things to the superfish over the past couple of days but instead we have “Tara Reid falls down”. Okay.

  37. whitegold

    #36 – OMG you’re awesome hahahahaha!!! That is so friggin cool that you are “in direct communication” with the Lord. So what, you have like a dedicated phone line straight to the big guy that lets you talk to him? Think I could give him a call. I’d love to hear his views on internet pornography. I’d also love to hear more about how internet pornography causes other evils in our world, like global warming, terrorism, and liberalism (seriously, that one of the “evils” in our world)!

    But that youtube video was friggin awesome!!! I highly recommend others watch it!!!

  38. whitegold

    And by the way, I was wondering who the other “co-leaders” of the CLAMP were, and I was quite surprised by what I found out (wikipedia is never wrong haha):


    That’s quite the group you’ve got there hahaha.

  39. 23apples

    perhaps it was because of those awful shoes she was wearing..

    and was the superfish guy kidding when he said “tara looking pretty decent after the jump”?? because her outfit is terrible, her hair is disgusting, and her face doesn’t look good at all. she has definitely looked better in the past.

  40. Shanipie

    How is she still considered a celebrity? wtf has she done besides me an alcoholic and get cheap and disfiguring plastic surgery?

  41. -Stormy.

    Here Edna, have a cake:

  42. Amy3000

    @ blondewithnobrain… she didn’t have another boob job, she apparently got the bad one ‘fixed’, but who knows, she probably figures in for a penny in for a pound and went up another cupsize o.O
    I’d still gladly don a strap-on and fuck her senseless though…

  43. Amy3000

    @ blondewithnobrain… she didn’t have another boob job, she apparently got the bad one ‘fixed’, but who knows, she probably figures in for a penny in for a pound and went up another cupsize o.O
    I’d still gladly don a strap-on and fuck her senseless though…

  44. Amy3000

    I appologize for the double post, my computer has been giving me some problems as of late, sorry about that.

  45. Nice Outfit, I didn’t know you could still buy used costumes from the movie “Clash of the Titans”

  46. Nice Outfit, I didn’t know you could still buy used costumes from the movie “Clash of the Titans”

  47. schack

    i don’t know… that cleavage looks pretty weird. look closely, there’s a wrinkled flap of skin next to where the “breast” actually balloons out

  48. wedgeone

    #3 & #8 – lol.
    For you ass clowns who are all thinking how hot she is, let me send you a little reminder of the plastic surgery nightmare:
    That includes you, Mr. Fish!

    What is she still doing in the B-list arena? Hasn’t she plummeted down the hillside into oblivion yet?

  49. wedgeone

    #10 – Good observation Dr. – that shit looks like 4 kneecaps. And what’s the the bruise on the big toe? Some Shaquille O’Neal sized dude step on her foot while blowing his load on her face?

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