Tara Reid truly has a keen eye for fashion

August 27th, 2008 // 37 Comments

Tara Reid showed off some more of her clothing line Mantra at the second day of When I Move You Move Fashion Show in Vegas. I guess her line consists solely of a long piece of rope. Considering the source, honestly, I’m impressed. “Yeah, you see, it’s just like a rope that I tie around my head so I don’t get puke and stuff in my hair while I’m in some dude’s hot tub. But he still has to pay me. He still has to pay me. I am worth it! *HORF* Ha ha! That’s where that condom went…”


  1. ugh

    first you faggots

  2. Gabe

    seconds you faggots

  3. Dave


  4. blowup doll lover

    My blowup doll has better fashion sense


    Didn’t I see that same headgear in the Heido Montag video…?! WTF?!

    Did I miss some breaking news that headgear is back “in”??

    Damnit, I want me some Mr. Kotter and Sweathogs!

  6. Jen

    This is fashion? Looks like a 3rd grader’s craft project.

  7. SomeoneRandom


  8. SomeoneRandom


  9. Rachel

    Judging by the comments, most commenters at this site have something at least that long permanently lodged in their asses.

  10. Ted Kennedy's tumor

    Tara, you have looked so much better in the past.

    This is enough reason to take your kids out of California schools.

    AB 2567 (Leno) Homosexual State Holiday

    This legislation will declare May 22 Harvey Milk Day in California. A homosexual activist from San Francisco, Milk is revered by homosexual as a “civil rights” leader for their community. Homosexual activists intend to use Harvey Milk Day to force school children to celebrate his life and learn more about homosexuality.

  11. Milandir

    Condom? Like she uses condoms!

  12. GollyImGully

    She should just hang herself with that rope and make this world a much better place.

  13. ew

    her face has taken a serious beating…she has the look of a chick who has smoked way to much. smoking kills the looks of girls. her face looks like its a few years off of looking like some 70 year old woman’s whos from florida and sits outside all day smoking and is so tan she looks black.

  14. veggi

    que idiota pagaria por vestir eso?

  15. she is the definition of..



  16. ToTellTheTruth

    Tara who? Ohhhh that drunkard chic with the fucked up stomach who’s tit fell out that time……thought she was dead…

  17. Deacon Jones


    It’s Rob Lowe’s wife!

  18. Kate

    Her stomach is actually looking much better. Did she get that mess fixed?

  19. Sport

    Already read your anti-fag rant in another thread Ted Kennedy. Fucking spammer – why dont you at least advertise your millionaires website?

  20. Sway

    Yeah, I was totally expecting a “rope around the neck” joke

  21. Nothing wrong with Tara Reid that tapping her from behind can’t fix.

    Tap…tap..tap…OH GOD!! UNGAWA!!!!!!!!!

  22. Sammy

    You could squeeze her nose over an empty cocktail glass and make a nice martini.

  23. Randal

    This is a nice treat, two days in a row, which obviously means Tara is getting a good amount of exposure.

    The beads dangling softly down her chest and those wrapped snuggly around her hips add a spark of color and playfulness that is missing in today’s fashion industry. It will certainly be a big hit with the younger, more hip generation that Tara is familiar with.


  24. Geoff

    So I am assuming Randal, you are Tara’s Fashion Line publicist/pimp/promoter. Dude, that is a piece of crap. I’ve seen third graders with Down Syndrome stringing better looking beads than those (really). Tired of celebrities who don’t know shit about fashion and “design” their own clothing lines expecting people to be stupid enough to buy the crap they sell because it bears their names.

    I put on some toilet paper in my head and it looks better than her “headband”. Oy!

  25. NY Ted


    Since when did fucking wash rags become fashions…???

  26. Loaded

    Unless it’s changed drastically, I wasn’t aware the term “Mantra” means rope

    #10 – to much information about fags. how do you know all that stuff anyway?


    Don’t panic everybody. If you know Tara she is trying to put on a Kotex and is tooooo fucked up to remember where it goes. Switch to tampons sweetie.

  28. crabdonkey

    You know when the photographers walked away after taking these shots they looked at each other and went, “Was that a fucking rope wrapped around her head?”

  29. syn

    What I love most about Tara is how bright she looks. The girl has smart, smart eyes.

  30. Do_FreeBird

    She looks brain damaged. Destroyed by booze and drugs.

    still bang it from behind though

  31. MonkeyMan777

    Wow, portable bondage ropes that double as ‘fashion’ headgear a la the 1980′s!
    I’ll be looking differently at any woman that walks around with bondage gear so publicly displayed.

    Kinky Fun times!

  32. Did the 70′s and 80′s have a secret love child which they promply threw in a dumpster? Just sayin’….


  33. wet newspaper

    Geez, I could raid the recycle bin and make a better outfit from wet newspapers and nothing else.

    Poor Tara – she’s always going to have that skanky look about her no matter what she does. For that reason she’ll never get any serious work as an actress. She looked far more attractive before the boob job and whatever the fuck she had done to her stomach. Shame, really.

  34. “TARA MISSED THE (crucial) BUS”!!
    even porn can’t supply you a job, I’M SURE!!

  35. norton

    Why does every douche-bag in Hollyweird have a “fashion” line?

  36. Good god. What is her clothing lines tag line: “Mantra – For the washed up actress on the go…that wants to look slutty!”

  37. devil's candy

    skanque line!!!

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