Tara Reid cleans herself up

November 13th, 2006 // 170 Comments

  1. Mya

    Can’t anyone change around here?

  2. Missallanpoe

    She could use alittle bleach in her teeth, otherwise I actually find this picture very lovely.

  3. EvilPotato

    Nose job: thinning the bridge, lengthening the tip.

    Lip collagen.


    Face lift.

    Which is disturbing, because she’s barely 30.

    She’s gonna look like shit in 10 years.

  4. EvilPotato

    Excuse me… I should’ve said: She’s gonna look like shit *again* in 10 years.

  5. RichPort

    Wow… I thought I posted last at #107, but apparently sleep walking RichPort kept posting when I was away… how the fuck did that happen? Wait, let me check… my nuts are still here, let me feel down by my knee… yea, my dick is still here to,,, *whew*… I mean I love reaming danielle and all, but I would have been much more creative than that. Smells like a bunch of trolls here… marshmellow-dream, meh, danielle and others. Hmmm… too pathetic to be funny on your own? I’m not surprised. Run along little trolls, there are plenty of bridges under which you can spew your vapidity and flacid attempts at humor. danielle knows I’ll dig into her again right after the holidays… she can’t wait!

  6. jrzmommy

    Know why that picture isn’t me? Because a) it was posted by my troll; b)the last prom I went to was in 1987–there aren’t pictures in existence of it and if there are, they sure as fuck aren’t digital; c) I weighed 82 lbs when I was a senior (hey, that’s a big jump from the 68 lbs I was in 10th grade!) and good ol’ Laura in those pictures has about 50 lbs on me; and d) I would never dis my buddy Rich.

    However…….DanYELL, seriously, baby, I had no idea you were 1/3 of The Weather Girls! Boom chugga boom chugga boom! Chocolate Thunder!

  7. Regnig

    So THAT’S what a prom in da’ hood looks like! I bet there was more material in the tablecloths! Damn, no wonder we have so many children to take care of (read into that: welfare) with our high school girls dressing like $2.00 prostitues! Oh, btw, you DO offer change right??

  8. RichPort

    Good morning Jrz… been trolled lately? I didn’t realize folks like you, Big Jim, and myself inspired so many followers. I’m like fucking RichPort of Nazareth… Now if only they followed us by becoming productive tax paying citizens instead of telling their parents they’ll move out as soon as their potato clock invention hits the market, the world would be a better place.

  9. no one you know

    @92…Good ol’ touchdown jesus. This is what makes me proud to be an Ohioan.

  10. tinayoufatlard

    She looks really cute. But who the fuck isn’t telling her to clean up her grill?!

  11. commissioner

    jrz and Rich- someone did that to me late last week. The most sincere form of flattery is imitation; or so they say.

  12. jrzmommy

    Commish: I always thought stalking was a nice way to tell someone you like them.

  13. The thing that pisses off all the people from the Prom pictures on here is that this is the woman who was crowned Prom Queen that night.


  14. reesestet

    There is still something frightening about her teeth

  15. 86

    It’s too late, Tara.

  16. JBean

    I think it’s nice what you guys are doing for danielle. She posts a couple of pointless posts instead of just one to lure everyone in. Then every day after school she rushes to her computer, eager to see if she’s got a response. Shame, imagine her smile when she sees that someone’s replied! She thinks for a couple of minutes for some crushing retort. Having trouble with this, she’ll just settle for a couple of expletives – some nice ‘nasty’ ones like cunt (ooh what would your mother say) – and thus she has been noticed by somebody during that day. We’re so caring.

  17. i wish she would get new boobs.

    once van wilder was over, so was she.

  18. cole007

    holy shit – she clean-up GUUUD! doesn’t even look like the same hapless sack of shit from the running of the bulls episode of taradise. it’s true, I watched it twice, trying to figure out if I had ever been that drunk in college… and no, even on my worst bender, not that bad.

    My skin looks better, Tara! Yours finally looks like you used some powder and washing thoroughly with soap and warm water!!!

  19. she still looks wrecked

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