Tara Reid cleans herself up

November 13th, 2006 // 170 Comments

  1. danielle

    Troll Man here. Ready to rid the ranks of the likes of danielle.
    danielle I think it’s time for you to come inside now. You’ve had enough playtime. Let’s wipe all the feces that the mean kids threw at you.
    Phew you stink! Get your ass in that wash tub over yonder and let’s see can we wash any of that black offen ya?

  2. commissioner


    How’d you get the sweet overalls with the appliques? That’s more my style.

  3. Ask d-d-d-danielle, she b-b-b-bought ‘em fer me!

  4. BarbadoSlim

    Tara, decent human being?

    hahahahaha I don’t think so, we don’t need to see her identification, these aren’t the droids we are looking for….move along.

  5. RichPort

    I’m seriously thinking of growing a moustache, to cover the stretch marks.

  6. RichPort

    #105 – Not me, not even a good try. Please get off my nuts. You’d have to have orangutan-like arms to wrap them around anyway, so please, just get off the sack. The only reason I’d grow a moustache would be to look like your mom.

    damnYELL, for once finally did something funny. #66 actually made me laugh out loud, except you made me the wrong color. I can only assume we were there celebratin’ your untimely demise… who the fuck knew when you morphed from crackhead to Sasquatch that a sense of humor would come with it? Now go fuck yourself.

  7. mrs.t

    Danielle, please tell us that that’s your idea of a joke. But I just don’t think you’re smart enough to see how funnt that is. Where the fuck did you go to high school, Sanford and Son Tore-Up dress High? LOVE the matching outfits, and I know, I know, black men like they ladies ‘thick’, but for god’s sake, get thee to a gym. There is a huge difference between ‘thick’ and ‘morbidly obese’.

  8. Binky

    Well now that things have calmed down somewhat I’m not sure if I’m leaning ‘Team Danielle’ or ‘Team Hillbilly’.
    But I think ‘troll baiting’ is a lot like boomarang throwing.
    Even if the thing comes back – it’s not that exciting and anyone who sees you wonders what the f you’re doing…

  9. mrs.t

    *funny*-so hard to type while laughing/crying

  10. Binky

    (but I must admit there were a few laughs )

  11. piestuff

    She looks perty She looks perty <3

  12. VickyAustralia

    I can’t believe I am saying this but she actually looks great!

  13. danielle

    #97. Nice try, you fucking cunt. My photobucket account is under purplelove1 not purplelove2.

    Go eat out your grandmother you useless dickshit. Keep impersonating me you pathetic shit for brains, posting pictures of YOUR relatives is quite amusing.

  14. danielle

    #108. You sound SO educated. What is “funnt” by the way?

  15. danielle

    and no, I did not post that. refer to #97…the imposter.

  16. beifiori

    dang, her shoes remind me of a witch’s hat, and on top of that, it looks like she stuffed those puppies right into em…tara honey, you need to buy things that actually FIT! (and i’m not talking about just shoes ie. your dress shouldn’t pucker when you wear it) other than that, she pretty much looks like an average american woman, average, not cute, not pretty, average only she’s not your average drinker/druggie, nope, nothing average about that with her, which is pretty sad given her age…tara, you are no longer a teenager dear, you’ve passed 30, consider this when you try to do your image makeover…

  17. supanigga

    btw, tara got her nipples fixed.

    and it looks like she got some face work done too. that doesn’t look like tara at all.

  18. BarbadoSlim

    And speaking of getting work done (I see some changes in her nose) where da fuck is she getting the money for this?

    I know there’s a market out there for drunken hookers but damn.

  19. RichPort

    Okay, since damnYELL posted her prom photos….I might as well post mine. BTW- my real name is damon. I know, such a dorky name. But…here it is, hope you like it!


  20. D'oh Eyes

    purple love? Really? What, was Iluvpurplefriedchickenandwatermelon taken?

  21. D'oh Eyes

    Oops, sorry for the italics.

  22. danielle

    What the hell? For the last time, that was NOT me. Get a fucking clue you nutsack.

    Hahahaha. Who are YOU to judge somebody? You look like a damn leprachan.

    You are one ugly fuck. No wonder you’re on here 24/7….damon….what a twat. Who the hell took your ugly ass to the prom?


  23. RichPort

    I took your mother. She didn’t want to stay out all night, so I screwed her and dropped her back off at the Denny’s where I found her.

  24. danielle

    #124. Yeah, whatever. My mother definantly has better taste then that. Stop talking to me you ugly cum drinker. After seeing your pic, I feel sorry for you. Take your Wizard of Oz ass somewhere with that mother shit.

    ====The End=====

    Damn you’re ugly.

  25. D'oh Eyes

    You look mighty dapper, Mr. Richport.

    What’s a leprachan? Is that what we’d call a chinese person with leprosy?


    Thank you, I’m here til Thursday. Try the veal.

  26. danielle

    #126. Crawl back into your mother’s ass.

  27. RichPort

    D’oh eyes-

    Stay out of the conversation. I worry enough having to translate for damnYELL. Take your ass to another thread.

  28. D'oh Eyes

    Aww, danielle no wikey da funny. See soooo upset. Does see need her blankey?

  29. danielle

    #128. ? uh..thanks.

  30. danielle

    (crickets) Wher’d you go bitchypoo? Are you crying in the mirror at your reflection?

  31. danielle

    After looking at the pic again, you do seem “slighty” attractive…..”slightly”.

  32. ImaCracka

    I cant believe you guys are fighting over Tara….. Morons.

  33. meh

    Please get off my nuts. You’d have to have orangutan-like arms to wrap them around anyway, so please, just get off the sack.

    there’s that male-protest language again. textbook.

  34. RichPort

    Who the fuck is this? meh, is it? Are you that lame that you have to use my lines?

  35. RichPort

    damnYELL. I wouldn’t even find you attractive if Jessica Simpson was taped to your torso. I’d rather fuck a tree. Whoops! I already did that today.

    A chair? Nope?
    Your mother? Nope?
    The wall? Nope?

    I’m running out of choices….

  36. danielle

    That’s so funny. I wouldn’t fuck your fugly ass either. That’s probably not even you in that picture you snotwad. You need to post your real picture and stop faking like you’re some Don Juan.

    You probably have buckteeth and a bald spot. Dumbass.

  37. sexybitch

    Rich, sounds like you’re a combination of Sienna Miller and Jude Law.

  38. danielle

    Here we go again.

  39. RichPort

    damnYELL. Can’t fool your idiotic ass, now can I? Being the brave and educated person that I am, I’ll post my real pic.

    BTW- I still wouldn’t fuck your ass.


  40. danielle

    You look like a gay Ricky Martin….after he’s been ran over by a truck. Hahahaha. I can’t believe you just posted that shit! Dumbass. Now I have a million reasons to tease your fugly ass. Let me guess, that’s not you either…right?

    Give it up. Quit searching the web for decent photos of people who probably have a higher IQ than your ass ever will. You’re a pathetic waste of skin. I pity the whore who gave birth to you.

  41. danielle


  42. jrzmommy

    Shhh…let it curl up and die. Are we exchanging pictures Rich? Why wasn’t I notified?

    Damn, Rich…you do look funny. Is that really you, are you feeling okay? If it is you, you are one fugly fucker. I’d have to agree with the troll on that one.

  43. commissioner

    Rich – Aren’t you the cutest thing?

    Man, I gotta go home. I’m still at the damned office.

  44. jrzmommy

    Here’s me and my date for prom. I picked out that pink number all by myself.
    Having three kids before graduating high school sure does a number on your body.

    I covered up the rolls with this pretty pink outfit. My date was kind of ugly though. I slept with him anyway. I was horny, what can I say?


  45. RichPort

    Damn, jrz…..you’re calling ME fugly? if I had to choose between you and your date, I’d fuck him.

  46. Binky

    You people are beginning to scare me.
    (Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I haven’t been getting out lately)

  47. aurealis

    Courtney Love once fooled us all by cleaning up for a couple hours. Then entropy took over and everything went straight back to hell. It’s just a matter of time before Tara throws up on herself. Any minute now.

  48. Tits_McGhee

    Yeah, well, if I had a team of 80 fix me up, I’d look half way decent too. And I have a lazy eye, herpes on my lip, and a gimp leg.

    It’s called plastic surgery, people. Apparently, it’s a big hit out in the west.

  49. ephe

    Is she wearing a wig? That doesn’t look like her normal dodgey wispy hair at all.

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