Tara Reid cleans herself up

November 13th, 2006 // 170 Comments

  1. pinky_nip

    Make love not war.

    Sex is more fun than arguing.

    Just saying….

  2. thebor

    Hey Danielle,

    To quote the true gentleman, Ron Burgundy,

  3. @51…are you sure that’s her? She’s not throwing SHIT like usual…

  4. bigponie

    I think she’s lacking make-up,

    cum shoots around her lips, yeah that’s it, she’s missing the cum shoots.

  5. Pagan Queen

    51 – you are a cutie!! Nice picture :)

  6. Pagan Queen

    51 – I didnt mean the monkey picture, I meant the picture of you. Dont want you breaking out your dictionary on me! LOL

  7. jrzmommy

    How long after these pictures were taken was Tara falling down face first into a puddle of her own puke and then asking passersby if they wanted to do a body shot off of her?

  8. RichPort

    Zanna – Slow and frustrating… I keep forgetting that the word ‘user’ has a silent ‘L’… I’m trying very hard not to open a 40 oz of whup ass on Sasquatch, you know, just to relieve some frustration…

    Don’t waste your time with it… you’re too much of a lady. Just let it curl up and die.

  9. danielle


  10. jrzmommy

    Rich, maybe the Curl Up & Dye could help with the hirsute Sasquatch?

  11. You know what Rich? You’re RIGHT about Sasquatch.

    Hope you don’t get too many more ID(10)T errors. LOL..check me out, huh? ; )

  12. Wow, this movie must be a piece of shit if she was invited to the preimere.

  13. PapaHotNuts

    @57- CoCo- that was actually funny. But you’re still black.

  14. danielle


    It took some work but, I managed to get a photo of all of you during the “Hillbilly Reunion”. You guys look so happy…..

  15. jrzmommy

    Oh, since we’re sharing pictures, here’s one of DanYELL when she came over for dinner the other night.

    And here’s one of DanYELL’s Mom and Dad.

  16. commissioner

    Cool, my hand is near Papa’s hot nuts.

  17. danielle


  18. jrzmommy

    DanYELL and her sister got some piercings at the Blackapalooza concert

  19. danielle


    Jrz….please tell your “parents” to put some clothes on.

  20. danielle

    You clearly are getting off on posting links. Your a bore.

    Find a new hobby.

  21. danielle


  22. jrzmommy

    Nope, just waiting for some Chinese physicians to show them where our babies are born at our hospital. Nothing else to do but make myself laugh.

  23. Here is another picture of her dad….so sad what with the overdose and all.


  24. Pagan Queen

    66 – dang, and here I thought the Oil of Olay was working.

    Why dont you show us how brave you are and post of yourself. We have all done it – what are you hiding?

  25. jrzmommy


  26. Pagan Queen


  27. danielle

    #77. When did you post yourself? That’s a lie.

  28. Pagan Queen

    OMFG laughing so hard! Papa that is hysterical! Oh crap, Dr Pepper hurts when it comes out the nose.

  29. @29 Yes I hear she is Nina Hartley’s protege. We are awaiting the new DVD. ;-)

    Personally I like Nina Hartley’s fellatio DVD-


  30. Pagan Queen

    81 – Danielle, you havent been on here that long, so I am sure you missed it. Painfully honest, but I dont lie…nothing to gain from it.

    The others can vouch that I have, indeed, posted my picture.

  31. carrie bradshaw

    I’m assuming these are pics from Tara in her Halloween costume?

  32. danielle

    @84. yeah, sure….if you say so.

  33. mrs.t

    That’s Barbara Mandrell.

  34. commissioner

    My God! I haven’t laughed this hard in two hours! Shit! These photos are some funny shit!

  35. sexybitch

    More like a freakin’ Stepford Wife.

  36. Pagan Queen

    86 – that is what I love about you, your such a grown up! So, so easy to predict what you are going to type next.

    Please dont change, you are so amusing!

  37. Can’t we all get along? Come on everybody I’ll start….Kum Ba Ya my lord, Kum Ba Ya….

    Or if you can’t find common ground there, think of this, we ALL agree that Tom Cruise LOVES the cock and that no matter HOW good Tara Reid looks when she goes out she will ALWAYS end the night waking up with puke in her hair, crying as she gives a stranger a blow-job so he’ll tell her where she put her keys when she got to the party.

  38. mrs.t

    Papa-I can’t believe that even god dislikes Danielle so intensely. This has nothing to do with Danielle, but this church is just north of me, and it almost makes me poop into my pants every time I drive by it:

    you may have seen it before-often called ‘touchdown jeebus’.

  39. danielle

    Pagan, I’ll post my pic tomorrow. Gotta go.


  40. sexybitch

    He received a “Hail Mary” pass, I assume?

  41. D'oh Eyes

    Hey, I found this cover story about Sasquatch’s first sexual encounter:


  42. mamacholina

    has no one mentioned the nose job? it’s slightly less bulbous… or perhaps that was alcohol induced..

  43. danielle


    Okay Pagan, you wanted to see me, you got it. This picture was taken at my senior prom. I’m the hot girl on the left. That’s right, you wish your pathetic selfes could get someone as hot as me. Me and my friends OWNED the dance floor and I had all these hot guys all over me. And they were hot not like your cracker ugly ass, PapaHotNuts. So you can all curl up and die of jealously if you haven’t already. Now lets see you pagan I bet your an ugly washed up dike.

  44. 66 – d-d-d-danielle, thanks for including me in your little fantasy Hill Billy reunion.

  45. theturtlemachine

    Tara looks great. I am happy for her.

  46. pixel killya

    Cleaned up ugly is still ugly. A whole lot of ugly lurks under the clothes and makeup.

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