Tara Reid cleans herself up

November 13th, 2006 // 170 Comments

  1. theblemish.com

    Well, she had the right idea of covering up her two worst assets. Plus, I heard The Fountain wasn’t that great. Anyone see it?


  2. danielle

    what the hell is that?

  3. commissioner

    Too bad she can’t “makeover” her past.

  4. danielle

    oh…it’s tara reid.

  5. I can’t get passed the fact that she’s a skank.

  6. danielle

    Could her teeth be any yellower? Geesh, did she brush with urine this morning or what? makeover that smile sweetie.

  7. She looks okay, for a slut.

    PapaHotNuts – Stallion told me YOU eradicated this shit?


  8. Chaste

    It’s so weird. She doesn’t look like herself anymore. Yeah, Mr Fish is right : she now looks like a real human being. So so weird… It’s not her, that’s a stand-in -oh, no, not a stand-in : a stuntwoman.

  9. Those stomach pics from the past post are horrible – grass is greener? NO.


  10. happy hands club

    This is the first time I’ve ever seen her not look like a skank ho. Other than her teeth, she actually looks decent.

  11. MY GOD! Who are you and what have you done with Tara Reid?


  12. PapaHotNuts

    @6- Danielle used the word “yellower” to describe Tara reid’s teeth.

    That’s more stupider than the dumbilated things you usualling are saying. I hopeticate that you are in the wayness of a tornadoic type storm and you get all diedness for us all.

    Dumb fucking monkey.

  13. suzy

    she looks great, except she needs to learn how to stand when taking pictures. her body just seems awkward.. of course, she could have been nervous too, but she looked good on the view a couple weeks back

  14. Pagan Queen

    Papa – your pontificating is beautius!

  15. Pagan Queen

    awesome to see her FINALLY taking care of herself.

  16. jrzmommy

    *sniffs air* I smell Sasquatch.

    And about Tara….eh, she’s still a walking cess pool.

  17. This reminds me of that show, “How’d They Do That?” or maybe it was called Taradise.

    Either way, nobody is laughing at this comment. Not even an LOL.


  18. never really understood why some think she’s hot.even before the lopsided frankentits.


  19. RichPort

    Uuuhhh… shouldn’t the headline read:

    Tara Reid cleans herself up… after breaking world bukkake record

    Jrz – you can hear its knuckles dragging too?

  20. commissioner


    MY IQ dropped so low after reading that, I may have to be placed on a respirator because I might forget to breathe.

  21. a little properly applied makeup can do wonders but it won’t clean up the herps and it won’t save money on car insurance.

  22. Pagan Queen

    JRZ – hmmmmmm troll and sasquatch smell similar, huh? I detect the faint trace or thorzine in troll…do you?

  23. Pagan Queen

    hmmmmmm – should be of, not or. Yep – that makes it sound mo bettah.

  24. I wonder if he tummy still looks like my uncle’s…


  25. Tracie

    Don’t like the shoes, and neither do Tara’s feet. Her teeth are courtesy of coffee and cigarettes. Otherwise a good attempt, but a few years too late methinks.

    And Re: photo with the red bus behind her…Really too bad that AJ Benza has to stoop to working security at premiers these days…

  26. mutterhals

    Holy shit! Stay in your homes, it’s the apocalypse!

  27. blueballs

    Looks like she is now ripping off Nina Hartely in the looks department. I wonder if she sucks a cock as well as Nina does? I already know her flat ASS can’t hold a candle to Nina’s gorgeous ass that can launch 1000 boners.

  28. sasapurdue

    Her outfit sucks, but her hair and makeup look the best I’ve ever seen on her.

  29. D'oh Eyes

    Ty Bennington’s voice:

    “Welcome back, Tara, welcome back.”

  30. danielle

    #13. Dumb fuck cracker. Even. Quit following me you pathetic ass fuck. Go jam your ass with a dildo.

    That’s 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 groupies. Sheesh. Get a life and raise your bastard children. Stop posting lame comebacks over the web.

  31. danielle

    The End-

  32. D'oh Eyes

    Hey, I heard Sasquatch is on the move. Apparently it’s in Wisconsin right now. Did you see that on the news?

  33. LilRach

    She looks really good – she’s gone back to how she looked in her American Pie days – HOT

  34. PacificLight

    Her dress is so hawt. I like this celebrity Aguilerafying trent.

  35. PacificLight


  36. PapaHotNuts

    @32- You’re a dumb negro.

  37. danielle

    @38. I’m dumb, yet it is you who follows me through the threads…..hmmm, I think not hillbilly.

  38. RichPort

    #34 – It made all the way from DC? Now that’s fucking scary…

  39. danielle

    I would laugh, but….why?

  40. Danielle..I thought you said @33 it was THE END. Pot. Kettle. Black. You’re posting lame comebacks over the web youself (per #32). Shut the fuck up, already.

  41. Hey RichP…hows mastering the universe going today?

  42. jrzmommy

    Sasquatch has been spotted in Norf’east DC.

  43. Looks much better than in the past – boobs are looking much better too – I ran accross these crazy looking breasts earlier today……. http://www.famousidiots.blogspot.com

  44. PapaHotNuts

    @39- I follow you only because you are slightly more entertaining than the stupid fucking topics the SF has been posting lately. Plus, I’m amazed that a dumb monkey like you can use a computer. I once saw a chimpanzee use sign language, but you are definetly smarter than him. Good job, CoCo. That’s your new name, CoCo the Monkey. Now come eat this big banana behind my zipper.

  45. danielle

    #42. Unless I address you, shut the fuck up. Got that. Is that clear.

  46. Tracie


  47. danielle

    @46. Do you live near an OUT-HOUSE? Sure sounds like it. Could you be less ignorant?

  48. LilRach

    I can’t believe this Danielle shit is still going on – It is so stupid (BIG MASSIVE YAWN) It’s not even danielle that looks the idiot now it’s all of you playing the game with her.
    Fucking children the lot of ya.
    - The End – for reals

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