Tara Reid almost knows how to count

First of all, who the fuck counts down New Years from 60? You start that shit at 10. And if you do decide to be an ass and do it from 60 then at least do it right. Don’t leave out random numbers and skip from 20 to 10. And then after counting down from 10 do it all over again because you realize you left out 19 through 11. She counts down from 10 twice. Twice! Does Tara Reid’s brain even function anymore? I get the feeling a mad scientist went in while she was sleeping and replaced it with a photo of a hamster running on a wheel.

Thanks to all bazillion of you who sent this in.

NOTE: Sorry for all the profanity and numbers. This post was brought to you by Angry Mathematician Man: he’s angry and he’s a mathematician. And yes, that guy in the video is Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite.

UPDATE: I must not have been listening closely enough the first time because there’s a lot more going on than just counting down from 10 twice. Listen again and again until the madness finally consumes you.

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