Tara Reid Wearing a Frilly Lampshade Thing

As our government hastily tries to make it so that the rich can skate out of trillions of dollars in taxes by dumping it on people who make regular job/blogger wages, it’s understandable to find yourself losing your appetite. Fortunately for Tara Reid, those Sharknado movies are kind of a cash cow and there really isn’t an end in sight for them so I think she’ll fare well. She’s also dating a sugar daddy with MySpace money, so it might be time to stop worrying about Tara Reid… at least in the financial sense.

Tara told DailyMail that everyone needs to shut up about her 95-pound figure and just accept that that’s her natural body weight. She insists it’s not an eating disorder and honestly, I believe her. I’ve seen plenty of older women with what I like to call Skelator-syndrome and they eat like any other hogbody you’ll find at a Dairy Queen. If she want’s to age like an old avocado you left on the windowsill, then let her. This is America! Land of the free!*

*Only applies to those who can afford to fly private*

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