Tara Reid Steals Shopping Carts Now

July 1st, 2011 // 65 Comments

In every photo, there’s always a black dude chick in the background holding up a drunk white bitch, saying it all with her eyes.

Tara Reid apparently had her ass handed to her in Atlanta over the weekend after she tried to steal a shopping cart so she could push her dog to a Mexican restaurant. You seriously can’t make this shit up. Via Page Six:

The disheveled-looking actress stopped two strangers in a Walgreens parking lot over the weekend, a source said, to ask where the “nearest Mexican restaurant was. She was wearing torn jeans and a pink hoodie, despite the 90-degree heat. She was pushing a shopping cart with her dog in it.” While Reid’s parking-lot pals gave her directions, a Walgreens manager emerged and ordered Reid to return her cart. “She whined, ‘I’m just borrowing it,’ ” our amused spy said. But Atlanta, it seems, isn’t Hollywood. “Ma’am, please, we don’t have that many,” said the clerk, whom Reid argued with before ditching the cart, grabbing the dog, and storming off.

Of course, what’s truly amazing about this story – I’ve assumed Tara Reid’s been stealing shopping carts for years. – is the fact that she’s in Atlanta to film the new American Pie movie. Someone, somewhere actually went, “Hey, let’s pay Tara Reid to act,” instead of lighting a pile of cash on fire in the middle of a conference room and still coming out ahead. How does something like that even happen?

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  1. Cock Dr

    She’s looked a lot worse.
    As for the story, well, it’s Tara Reid. Whadaya expect?
    Someone should try to rescue the dog. Steal it and replace it with a stuffed animal, she’ll never know.

    • Facebook Me

      Seriously. She has not aged well at all. I almost didn’t recognize her, without her deformed tit job hanging out, “by accident of course.’

    • Artofwar

      …More women should aspire to be like Tera Reid. She is easy, low maintenance, is into butt sex, and always eager to make a run to the neighborhood liquor store. At the end of the day, she is all a man really needs….Artofwar

    • What an idiot

      If you ever saw her stupid “Taradise” reality tv show (which I had the misfortune of being forced to watch one episode; ugh), you’d realize she’s a full blown alcoholic; everytime the camera was on her, she kept asking her friends “You want to get cocktails?” She’s so far gone that the moron actually thought she was going to be filming “The Big Lebowski 2″, even though no one has even thought about such a project. Bottom line: the light’s on, but no one is home…

  2. Any Guy

    you can take the bitch out of dirty Jersey…

  3. stay classy, Tara

  4. Dan

    I liked her in Big Lebowski. She was so hot to me then :/

  5. oy

    Two strangers in a Walgreens parking lot and a manager who’s concerned with people stealing shopping carts do not make good eye witnesses.

    Non-story with even less facts than normal.

    • TomFrank

      “Three random people I don’t know do not make good eyewitnesses.” By that standard, who does make a good eyewitness? And by the way, if you managed a Walgreens or any kind of supermarket, you’d find yourself concerned with petty things like shopping cart inventory, too.

      • oy

        If they were named people, not ‘random’, they’d have more significance. “Joe Shithead, Associate Manger of the Lower Bronx Walgreens” has more credibility than a few jerkoffs hanging out in a parking lot.

      • Averre

        Oy= Tara Ried’s last fanboi.

  6. Wow, smart girl doing that in Atlanta. Don’t you get 6 mos in jail there for stealing a loaf of bread to feed your kids?

  7. Venom

    Talk about really digging deep to find a story. lol
    Slow news day.

  8. right

    Seems like its time for mental health intervention.

  9. Richard McBeef

    that’s as close as her legs will ever get to touching each other.

  10. Maybe for this “American” episode’s humiliating fuck scene, Jason Biggs can stick his dick in her, instead of a delicious fruit pie.

  11. brian

    well it Appears she lost her celebrity card if she got arrested for that

  12. Melissa

    She looks like a grandmother.

  13. Thomas

    Tara Reid is looked a lot worse.I don’t like she smoking show.

  14. Poison Ivy League

    That black chick’s face says it all. “White people are CRAYZAY”.

    • vitobonespur

      I’ve been sitting here wondering exactly what Tara was blabbing about that had that black chick looking so condescendingly amused…

  15. cc

    Black lady: “Getting paid $100 bucks to stand here and hold her up totally isn’t worth it. She stinks!”

  16. ‘Having her ass handed to her’ takes some journalistic liberties with Tara Reid, namely the assumption that she even *has* an ass.

  17. Gary B

    Okay, what is she doing in the new American Pie film, staggering around drunk and mumbling, like she did in Taradise.

  18. Doesn't Care

    “had her ass handed to her in Atlanta”?

    She was told to not take the cart, she ran away. Does that really count as getting one’s ass handed to them these days?

  19. chev70

    What a fucking disaster.

  20. KC

    “Please come back inside the ward, Miss Reid. You’re not allowed outside.”

  21. why is that woman pulling on that statue of Tara Reid? does she think that is the real thing?

  22. SIN

    The black girl is thinking: Bitch, I got some guys who are gonna love some drunk white girl ass.

  23. Tara Reid Drunk
    Commented on this photo:

    Now THERE’S a threesome my dog would love to take part in…

  24. Nio

    is that Lil Wayne?

  25. anonym

    yeah, no one gives a shit about her and what she has to say

  26. Jon and Kate Plus Hate

    Damn that girl is stupid, there is a Mexican restaurant on every corner of every street in Atlanta. Just open your eyes dumb dumb. And yeah, someone call Pita, this is dog abuse.

  27. Brooke

    Well shut my mouth right open, Tara Reid smokes and takes her lil’ varmint with her to eatin’ establishments. Boy howdy, I tell you what, this little firecracker knows just what a sophisticated gentleman wants in a lady. HAAAAKKK-TOO! *ping* She’s the ‘Merican Dream, y’all. *bang bang bang*

  28. the captain


  29. Nate

    Tara who?

  30. brian

    Lindsay Lohan in 10 Years

  31. chupacabra

    Hmmmmmmm Marlboro Lights…..
    I bet she smells delicious.

  32. bork

    We’re all very fond of her. Very free-spirited.

  33. Dr Ha-Ha

    A walking billboard for the saying, the only thing worse than not getting what you want, is getting what you want.

  34. Gary

    Filthy butt sucker. Gross.

  35. liz

    It sounds like Tara Reid has become a crazy homeless person

  36. Per

    Give her a break, please!

    She was actually a decent actress once. Loved her in “Devil’s Pond” for instance where she delivered some strong acting.

    I’m hoping she’ll bounce back. I love her quirky ways and now that we’ve lost a similar actress like Brittany Murphy we’ve got to hold on to those left.

  37. Jon

    She’s still on blogs being talked about and somewhat relevant so the joke is on us.

  38. I would still tap that if given a chance and would probably enjoy it immensely. I have a feeling Tara knows tricks that would make you pass out. I like them dirty and slutty.

  39. Tara Reid Drunk
    Commented on this photo:

    I know! I think she has fake ones? but anyway, I tohguht a dress like that was supposed to land at the part where your boobs are curving back towards your body, if you pull it down to where it smashes them towards the middle, anyone’s boobs look funny. But I think hers especially. Anyway, just utterly tacky.

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