Tara Reid Steals Shopping Carts Now

In every photo, there’s always a black dude chick in the background holding up a drunk white bitch, saying it all with her eyes.

Tara Reid apparently had her ass handed to her in Atlanta over the weekend after she tried to steal a shopping cart so she could push her dog to a Mexican restaurant. You seriously can’t make this shit up. Via Page Six:

The disheveled-looking actress stopped two strangers in a Walgreens parking lot over the weekend, a source said, to ask where the “nearest Mexican restaurant was. She was wearing torn jeans and a pink hoodie, despite the 90-degree heat. She was pushing a shopping cart with her dog in it.” While Reid’s parking-lot pals gave her directions, a Walgreens manager emerged and ordered Reid to return her cart. “She whined, ‘I’m just borrowing it,’ ” our amused spy said. But Atlanta, it seems, isn’t Hollywood. “Ma’am, please, we don’t have that many,” said the clerk, whom Reid argued with before ditching the cart, grabbing the dog, and storming off.

Of course, what’s truly amazing about this story – I’ve assumed Tara Reid’s been stealing shopping carts for years. – is the fact that she’s in Atlanta to film the new American Pie movie. Someone, somewhere actually went, “Hey, let’s pay Tara Reid to act,” instead of lighting a pile of cash on fire in the middle of a conference room and still coming out ahead. How does something like that even happen?

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