Tara Reid Made Her Debut on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Last Night

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Tara Reid is not only starring in Celebrity Big Brother, but also has a role in the upcoming American Reunion. Granted, I’m pretty sure her role in the film has been cut down to them just using a close-up of her belly for the poster, this still means that she’s got twice as much work as Lindsay Lohan. We’re talking about a person who just over a month ago was so drunk she couldn’t hold a dog and was chased out of a Walgreen’s parking lot. This person is getting hired. You could microwave silly putty, throw it against your TV screen and see a better performance (with less nausea to boot) than watching anything with Tara in it. And yet, film and television come calling. Lindsay, if you’re reading this — or if you’re face down in your meteor-dust dealer’s lap listening to him read aloud — ITS OVER! Wipe off your chin and get that Kraft Services ap filled out, because that’s as close as your ever going to get to a film set again.

DIRECTOR: This potato salad is making my mouth itchy.
LINDSAY: *pulls jugs out of mixing bowl* My bad!

Photo: Bauer-Griffin, Getty, Fame, Splash News, WENN

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