Tara Reid is Trotting off That Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving again from the past! I am writing this post from a few days before because, as hard as it may be to believe, the Cappuccino family throws down pretty hard for Thanksgiving and I’m probably balls deep in turkey and ‘cino charlies… Oh you don’t know what a chino charlie is? It’s our family’s signature cocktail: One part fresca, six parts cheap gin, garnished with a cherry, and served out of a bucket with a turkey baster. Needless to say I’d probably be way too drunk to make any kind of post on Thanksgiving so I apologize if the world is literally crumbling around us as this hits the web.

Anyway, here we have our old friend Tara Reid with her sugar daddy who helped Tom found MySpace or something. She looks… healthy. That’s about all I’m going to say about her because I know what you’re thinking about her appearance and, yes, I agree… That hair color is just not working anymore.

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