Tara Reid’s Marriage Was Fake

Apparently it’s “Holy Shit, I Need Money But Working is So Hard” Day (See: here and here.) because Tara Reid has admitted to TMZ that her marriage to Zack Kehayov was fake. And why would she do such a thing? Her flight had alcohol on board:

That wedding Tara Reid just couldn’t shut up about — she should’ve shut up about … because she now admits the marriage was never legal.
Tara seemed totally out of it at LAX when a TMZ camera guy asked if she and her husband could win the Newlywed Game.
While not quite, “In the butt, Bob” — Tara’s slurred response was still pretty awesome … as she confessed she was “never really married.”

Of course my favorite part of all this is is the fact that Tara Reid basically admitted on camera to scamming Life & Style into buying her wedding photos because someone has to make Lindsay Lohan look like she has her shit together. I mean, that’s what they grew Tara in a petri dish of gin and chlamydia for, right? Or did I read that brochure wrong?

Photos: WENN