Hey, Tara Reid’s Boyfriend, That’s Not Tara Reid’s Butt

“Ohmygod… it doesn’t feel like melted Silly Putty.” *breaks down crying*
“Jesus Christ, again?”

Here’s Tara Reid and her boyfriend greeting one of her friends in Cancun, and by greeting I mean that dude latched onto her ass for dear life with this picture pretty much summing up how well that went over:

Tara Reid Boyfriend Yavuz

“Vhat? You are vith Yavuz! Everyone knows Yavuz touches the ass!”
“Is that what you want though? Am I not pretty enough?”
“No, baby, you’re beauti- vait a minute. I’m the one vith the money. I have all the cards here. Bring back the ass girl!”
“On it!”

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Photos: AKM-GSI