Tanushree Dutta (Miss India 2004)

20041026_tanushree.jpgI can’t even pronounce her name, but after perusing the Tanushree Dutta gallery at Indian Magic, I can’t help but feel that she is totally hotter than Jennifer Hawkins and hence probably more deserving of the 2004 Miss Universe title. That’s not to say that she deserved to win, just probably more so than Jennifer Hawkins. This is going purely on looks though, since for all I know, Tanushree might have declared her allegiance to Hitler’s ghost during the competition, in which case maybe she wasn’t so deserving of the title. Hitler’s ghost? Geezus, what the hell am I typing? Just look at Tanushree’s bikini pictures and forget that I ever said anything. And then give me all your money.

View Tanushree Dutta Gallery @ [Indian Magic — thanks Mitcon]