The Word Single Has Lost All Meaning

August 14th, 2013 // 43 Comments
Tanning Mom Music Video
WATCH: Tanning Mom - 'Life Of The Party'


Fuck the entire world right in the face. Just right in it.


  1. The world is a trailer park.

    • Anus

      No human had ever seen its like before, and all those who haven’t yet seen it should be spared, except for Donald Trump.

  2. ThisWillHurt

    You cannot tell me this ISN’T Miley Cyrus’ real mother. Don’t even try to dissuade me with “DNA” and “paternity tests.”

  3. Oh lord…I´ve seen crackhead prostitutes with no teeth and clucking (going through withdrawl) who look way better than she does.Being young at heart is one thing, but dressing up like a 15 year old whore when your 60 should be illegal.Whats with her mouth?? Shouldent she be knitting or something??

  4. Cock Dr

    What you’re looking at is the sticky stinky tanned bottom of the celebrity barrel.

  5. Frank Burns

    Beer goggles wouldn’t work for this one . . . gonna need a black tar heroin drip through a needle jammed directly into my brain.

  6. mike

    “All right, gay men, you say that you’re not terrorists, but then this.”

  7. Anus

    They make people watch this in secret “correction” camps in North Korea.

  8. Sheppy

    I have never been more pleased to see that thick gray bar along the bottom of the video window. Looking at the thankfully obuscated sight just slightly to the right of the play icon has sufficiently convinced me to absolutely NOT press play.

  9. Pat C.

    Hell no I ain’t playing that. But did you notice the dude in the picture looks like Zeppo Marx?

  10. Proof there is no god.

  11. Ginger Snap

    You cannot un-see this…. Oh how I regret pressing play…. someone call Sarah Mclachlan to save that dog! Also, I love how she couldn’t even be bothered to learn the words to this abomination.

  12. celebutard

    Well, I didn’t get through the whole video but it’s still 1:05 of my life that I’ll never get back.

  13. CK

    Thank god it wasn’t a ‘double’.

  14. Randal

    Sis, boom, pow. A hit single down the pipe! See you at the Grammys, Tan Mom. Or should I say, Tan Wow and Now!


  15. This video makes it very hard to masterbate to.

  16. Bold career move for Chris Martin.

  17. Anyone remember that thing I said about the self-perpetuating downward spiral of stupidity of society as demonstrated by our choices in “entertainment”? Yeah, this is my thesis. Apparently, we’ve sunk so low as to watch a dancing piece of shoe leather.

  18. BeastmanAIDS

    Jesus Fucking Christ

  19. logan

    I managed to watch 41 seconds of this shit hole of a mess. It is just sad. As humans doing stupid pet tricks, it was right up there with Octo Mom. O.K. her 15 min. are up, bring on the next freak.

  20. Mike Rackhabet

    I’d give her the D.

  21. Pilin

    This is a proof that Doomsday is near…..

  22. Fuck no. I ain’t watching that shit.

  23. Dr.J

    I like how that one gay guy was so desperate for fame that he rode that lady’s ass to infamy. Not even the bank. But infamy. Still. Worth it.
    Also, i like how the other gay guy on the couch was doing that thing where people on a terrible soul-sucking commercial piece of bullshit type media for dumb people show you how you should feel about the thing you’re watching. He taught me I should be having fun and rocking out to this kickin’ video. Because it’s awesome. Thank god he’s around. Very helpful. Very encouraging.

  24. ruckus

    I hope that her time and effort here, leads to some sweet-ass Vegas Lounge gigs.

  25. Whyask

    Lose the video and it’s better than anything Miley Cyrus has done in years.

    God help us all.

  26. Baking your 5 year old might not constitute child endangerment/abuse charges in New Jersey, but this damn sure does. On that note, anyone seen her kids lately?

  27. Derek Zoolander

    This makes even Jan Terri seem palatable

  28. Krystal

    All I could think about was thats Courtney Stodden in a few years…

  29. It’s moments like this that i wish the “Flash Pen” from Men In Black was real… so they could erase my memory from ever watching this!

  30. Brooke

    Autotune could not even come close to saving her voice. I watched the whole thing just to make sure that poor Italian Greyhound was okay.*looks down at sleeping IG in lap* I would never put digital lips on you, Bus. I did name you Bus, though.

  31. I’m sure this video violates the Geneva Convention.

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