Tan Mom Wants To Do Playboy Now. I Swear To God, Hugh Hefner….

Just… goddammit, New Jersey.

If there’s anything this great country of ours has taught us, it’s that any type of publicity, even from reckless child endangerment, will immediately turn you into a celebrity who thinks she has a shot at Playboy which you will then immediately reject and/or be open to considering without the offer ever being on the table. Or in Tan Mom’s case, start auditioning right out of the gate and presumably demand payment in tans. TMZ reports:

Yes, Tanning Mom says she’s willing to flaunt her sizzlin’ hot body for Playboy … if only they would ask. She’s even been practicing her sexy poses.
But if a clothed Tanning Mom is more your speed … you’re in luck — TMZ says she’s been approached by multiple people interested in featuring her on a reality show.

Of course, she’ll get a reality show. Destroying kids is awesome TV. In the meantime, have we settled on Tanning Mom now instead of Tan Mom? Because I was kind of hoping we’d start calling her the more Internet-friendly Bacon Mom. Or even better, Bacon Cat Pictures Porn Mom. (I’m trying to buy a speedboat.)

Photos: INFdaily, Splash News