Tan Mom Got Wasted At A Drag Show

August 30th, 2012 // 20 Comments
Tan Mom Drunk Drag Show Hot Mess Trannies
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It seems like only yesterday Tan Mom was the latest crazy mom to hate, lighting women’s hearts afire with another woman to feel superior over which, admittedly, is kind of hard to avoid if you’ve never shoved your five-year-old in a tanning bed. Anyway, like any true celebrity story that reaches dizzying heights, things eventually come crashing down because here’s Tan Mom epically horse-hammered at a drag show in her honor (?) last night where, fortunately, a bunch of well-prepared trannies were ready for her. Page Six reports:

The New Jersey mom of five was being feted at the event, called “Tan Mom at Hot Mess,” at the XL Club on West 42nd Street.
“She showed up for the red carpet and fell over,” one witness told The Post.
“She then got up and tried to attack the drag queen.”
Krentcil was incoherent and had trouble taking the jokes being tossed her way.
“We asked her what she wanted to drink and she slurred, ‘I didn’t put my kid in a tanning bed!’ ” said Bianca del Rio, one of the evening’s hosts.
Del Rio figured Krentcil would be a problem, so “we came up with a code word earlier. It was ‘Christmas.’ After about five minutes, we were just screaming ‘Christmas,’ and security came and took her out.”

“Let’s think of a way to make whipping our penises out on stage and twirling them around like helicopters suddenly look really fancy. I’m talking Buckingham Palace fancy.” – Everyone planning this show

Photos: Getty, INFdaily, Splash News


  1. Abby Normal

    Bless her heart for making all those trannies look pretty.

    • shankyouverymuch

      I can’t but feel for her….. This really was like making fun of a severely brain damaged retarded person- really very ugly! They shouldn’t have done it.

  2. Buddy The Elf

    Pretty fucked up when the dudes in dresses are the prettiest ones in a photo.

  3. it had to be said

    So . . . they had a drag show “in her honor” and had a stupid code word in case she got out of control? WTF?

    Also, those are some ugly trannies.

  4. Crissy

    Wait, isn’t that Kelly Rowland from Destiny’s Child n the Far left?!!!

  5. Crabby Old Guy

    Egads, she is hideous.

  6. O.o

    I’m sorry i’m from europe… .
    but WHO??

    • USDA Prime McBeef

      I’m sorry you are from europe too.

      but yeah, no idea. most “celebrities” I’m only familiar with through the Superficial.

      • Damn, Beef, fallen behind on your summer reading? She was recently the color of a well-worn saddle, or perhaps an unusually rich BBQ sauce, and for this she is now famous. (Seriously: she is alabaster now, compared to a few months back.) She more or less traded full-body melanoma for about 15 seconds of fame.

  7. Deacon Jones

    See how distended her stomach is? Lifetime alcoholic.
    Her liver is the size of my penis the first time I saw “Taboo II”.

  8. Evangelista

    I feel even more sorry for that woman’s children. What a train wreck!

  9. Roseanne Barr

    Which one is the tan mom?

  10. Grandma Nutsack

    lohan’s looking GOOOOOD!

  11. I have no idea what the fuck this is.

  12. Emma Watson's Vagina

    ‘Nuff said!

  13. Jakehotep

    Her drink of choice? Black & Tans.

  14. She is a sick woman. Tanning booths are a danger and should be outlawed. We will be paying her medical bills when she gets skin cancer.

  15. Josie

    lol even the trannies look prettier than her!

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