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Tara Reid’s Marriage Was Fake

Apparently it’s “Holy Shit, I Need Money But Working is So Hard” Day (See: here and here.) because Tara Reid has admitted to TMZ that her marriage to Zack Kehayov was fake. And why would she do such a thing? Her flight had alcohol on board:

That wedding Tara Reid just couldn’t shut… More »

Tara Reid Got Paid Less Than Everyone Else in ‘American Reunion’

“They said *hic* I’d get an extra $50 if I fuck the pie this time.”

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Here’s a barely functioning Tara Reid heading out to dinner with her permanent hair-holder husband Zack Kehayov. Following a story from The Hollywood Reporter, Tara took to her Twitter in what appears… More »

Being Tara Reid’s Husband Looks Magical

When Tara Reid announced her marriage to Zack Kehayov everyone’s first reaction was to get the identity of her husband entirely wrong. But after that, everyone just assumed he’s clearly some sort of drug dealer who severely over-estimated her wealth. So here’s the lovely couple out in London last night where Zack had the distinct… More »

Tara Reid Tweeted Her Honeymoon Photos

And thankfully they’re all out of focus.

Even though I’m willing to bet 99% of the Internet already forgot she got married just a few days ago – Thanks, whiskey. – here are pics from Tara Reid and Zack Kehayov’s honeymoon where they posed for cutesy, self-taken couple shots before eventually writing theirMore »

This is Zack Kehayov, Mr. Tara Reid

Because this day has basically been nothing but bikini and Tara Reid posts – And Heidi Klum topless. – here’s the first look at her new husband Zack Kehayov because Tara somehow already sold the wedding photos to Life & Style for their Wednesday issue. The wedding that just happened yesterday, mind you, the same… More »

Tara Reid Married a Different Idiot

Early this morning, reports poured in that Tara Reid had married Danish businessman Michael Lilleund. Or at least that’s what most media outlets assumed considering he was the last man to be seen with her, and her capacity for finding a new mate has to be rapidly crumbling like the Bondo keeping her ass cheeksMore »