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Jessica Simpson In ‘The Hungry Bridesmaid’:
A Superficial Caption Gallery

As promised, here’s Jessica Simpson at best friend CaCee Cobb and Donald Faison’s wedding on Saturday where Zach Braff clearly got shafted with the unenviable task of making sure no one got slathered in barbecue sauce and eaten behind a woodshed. On that note, we captioned the jowls out of this gallery because almost every… More »

Drew Barrymore and Zach Braff get it on

After splitting with Fabrizio Moretti recently, Drew Barrymore has reportedly started getting close with Zach Braff. They “were very into each other” during the SNL after-party at Sapa, and the two spent the night in the corner “really focused on each other.” A rep for Barrymore insists they’re just friends but a source… More »

Mandy Moore dates DJ AM, God confused

I don’t know why, but Mandy Moore and DJ AM (Niciole Richie’s ex) are allegedly dating. They ran into each other at a New Year’s Eve party in Miami and have been seeing each other since.

“It’s really new. They’re in the beginning stages of getting to know each other,” says the… More »

Zach Braff and Mandy Moore split up

Us Weekly is reporting Zach Braff and Mandy Moore have split up after going out for a year and a half. Braff was spotted at Hyde on June 8 downing drinks and trying to get with Jessica Simpson, despite costar Christa Miller saying on Howard Stern Monday that they were still together. A… More »

Mandy Moore and Zach Braff wedding registry

In case there was ever any doubt that Mandy Moore and Zach Braff are indeed getting married, the foxy Neva tracked down their Tiffany’s wedding registry. There’s nothing particularly interesting, but it’s worth looking at just to see their full names Amanda Moore and Zachary Braff in print. Although if you’d like to get a… More »

Mandy Moore And Zach Braff To Wed

Mandy Moore and Zach Braff are supposedly set to marry next April, after the Scrubs star discreetly asked the 21-year-old singer/actress last month:

The couple are staying tight lipped about their plans, but Braff, 30, popped the question and presented Moore – his girlfriend for the past 18 months – with a $450,000, 4-carat… More »

Emmys, apparently brought to you by Helen Keller

WINNER: “Lost”
“Six Feet Under”
“The West Wing”

“Arrested Development”
“Desperate Housewives”
WINNER: “Everybody Loves Raymond”
“Will & Grace”

“Empire Falls”
“The 4400″
WINNER: “The Lost Prince”

“Lackawanna… More »

Kirsten Dunst and Zach Braff Hook Up

Spies reportedly spotted Kirsten Dunst with Zach Braff over the holidays on St. Bart’s, despite Zach’s supposed relationship with Mandy Moore. After hooking up at a yacht party, the two headed to a club where spies say Kirsten jumped on a table and danced for Braff. She then sat on his lap, they hugged and… More »

The Superficial News

– Despite reports linking the Backstreet Boy with those bruises on his former girlfriend Paris Hilton, we hear the hotel heiress wants the scandal to die. [read]

— Pop wild child Britney Spears has splurged on a marital mansion for herself and fiance Kevin Federline after shopping for a new home with her mother… More »

Celebrity Blogs

If there’s anything more bizarre than Zach Braff posting a picture of Natalie Portman taken with his camera phone on his blog, it’s Fred Durst posting a picture of him and his naked son on his Xanga . When famous people with busy schedules and disgusting amounts of money start turning to blogs, you know… More »