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Justin Bieber Is Banging This. Again.

Justin Bieber is banging a beautiful Latina model again. Your God is dead. More »

Justin Bieber Responds To Seth Rogen

“Dudda dudda dudda Ol’ Dirty Bastard.”
*gets neck snapped by black bodyguard*

Seth Rogen spent the better part of the week (understandably) shitting on Justin Bieber who apparently acted exactly like Justin Bieber while meeting him backstage at two different events. And because anyone over the age of 14 also wants to… More »

Justin Bieber Is Banging This Now

Here’s Justin Bieber’s rumored new girlfriend, and 18-year-old high school student, Yovanna Ventura (Wow, that kid’s tinier than I thought.) who you can tell is someone very special to him because he let his friends look like they gang-banged her. Although, personally I would’ve liked to see a devout follower of Christ end up with… More »