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Wyclef Jean: ‘Who The Hell’s Amanda Bynes?’

Two days ago, Chinga Chang Records CEO Dan Herman told E! News that Wyclef Jean would be collaborating on an album with Amanda Bynes, the most talented singer of our generation. Turns out this news was so exclusive, Wyclef himself didn’t even know about it. TMZ reports:

Wyclef’s management says it’s just not… More »

Amanda Bynes’ Rap Album Is Something That’s Happening In Real Life

Seen here in Atlantic City over the weekend (h/t TMZ), Amanda Bynes’ rap album is apparently happening in real life which has to be a first time for something she’s Tweeted. I always thought it’d be the vagina slapping, but that’s probably my natural bias for unorthodox crime fighting. E! News reports:

Amanda… More »

Wyclef Jean: ‘Sean Penn’s a Stupid Cokehead.’

After being disqualified from participating in the Haitian presidential election, Wyclef Jean has decided decorum is for chumps and started firing back at his critics while performing for Hot 97’s Reggae Trip. Most notably Sean Penn (above), who he accuses of being a cokehead because apparently “You’re not the boss of me” would’ve been too… More »

Sean Penn ‘Suspicious’ of Wyclef Jean

Because Haiti is his turf now, Sean Penn stopped by CNN last night to voice his apprehension of Wyclef Jean announcing he will run for president of Haiti. Turns out Sean doesn’t think Wyclef has spent enough time helping in Haiti and will be a puppet for US corporations. Aw, shit, son. — I should… More »

Wyclef Serious About That Whole President Thing

Wyclef Jean is apparently really going to run for president of Haiti despite controversies surrounding his Yéle Haiti charity which may or may not include paying his mistresses a salary. So in other words he’s ready for politics. TIME reports: … More »