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And Now Miley Cyrus Twerking In A Unicorn Suit

In case anyone’s felt the need to say Miley Cyrus constantly “acting out” is what drove Liam Hemsworth to another continent, here she is bralessly twerking in a unicorn suit, so I think we can all put that theory to rest. “Acting out.” Ha! You kids and your words.

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Wait, That ‘I Give God 10% Why Do You Get 18′ Receipt Was Real?! Jesus…

When the “I Give God 10% Why Do You Get 18″ for a tip receipt start floating around the Internet a few days ago, I completely wrote it off as another way too good to be true fake. Even though I know from personal experience there is absolutely no worse table to wait… More »

Bristol Palin Received Death Threats After Obama, Gay Marriage Post. Goddammit…

Probably the worst thing that could’ve happened after Bristol Palin(‘s ghost writer) wrote a hilariously hypocritical blog post criticizing Barack Obama’s support for gay marriage is an excuse for her to play the martyr, and of course, this being the Internet, she was handed that on a silver platter. Granted, comments can be faked, I’m… More »

David O. Russell Fondled His Transgender Niece’s Breasts, Claims It Was Consensual

Seen here doing a remarkable job pretending Mark Wahlberg’s lack of prosthetic breasts doesn’t bring him unspeakable sadness, The Fighter director David O. Russell is apparently under investigation for fondling his 19-year-old transgender niece’s breasts even though he claims she told him to which, let’s agree, makes this sound not-at-all fucked-up. TMZ reports:

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Anne Hathaway is Dangerous, Also Cheap

“Pay for contacts when I found these perfectly good glasses out back? Surely, you jest.”

While filming her role as Catwoman for The Dark Knight Rises, Anne Hathaway almost took a stuntman’s eye out during a fight sequence and figured a pen would make a great apology in a world where 98% of… More »

Coco & Ice-T Renewed Their Vows

Do you, T of Ice, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, through sickness and in health, through tearing that ass up and her being all tired and shit but she still let you look at a titty while you rub one out, for as long as youMore »

Reese Witherspoon Burns Blake Lively

“My words gonna make your kids not grow no more, bitches.”

While receiving her Generation Award at last night’s MTV Movie Awards, Reese Witherspoon decided to unload on Hollywood by basically calling out Blake Lively, who presented an award not even 10 minutes earlier, and the entire reality television industry which took some… More »

Octomom’s in a Bikini Again

Because it’s Apocalypse Day on The Superficial, here’s Octomom posing for a new bikini shoot because who knew shatting out 14 kids would cost money? And working a real job is hard. On that note, apparently Octo is joining forces with Tila Tequila and the hooker/porn star Charlie Sheen tried to kill because FrankLohanTinoZord wasn’t… More »

Michael Lohan and The Situation’s Dad Found Each Other

“Let me tell you how much I love this guy. If he was a vagina, I’d kick him.”

When The Situation’s dad Frank Sorrentino Mafia-punched his way into our hearts with hilarious YouTube videos about how shittily he raised his son because apparently Italians think the mob is the Invincible Hand of parenting,… More »

Were The Blake Lively Nude Photos Meant For Ben Affleck?

Start crying and I’ll tattoo you again, bitch. Violet, look, Mommy has a balloon sword!”

After the second batch of nude Blake Lively photos were leaked online making it obvious she took them while filming The Town, rumors of an affair with Ben Affleck immediately started up again along with 800 blind items… More »

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