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So That ‘True Detective’ Finale

So last night was the end of True Detective’s first season/story/volume which wrapped up Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) and Marty Hart’s (Woody Harrelson) case and takes them away from us because next season will be a completely separate story with all new characters that already sounds fucking awesome. And, yes, I’m still saying that after… More »

Here’s A Buttload of ‘True Detective’ Theories Because F*ck The Oscars

Let me first qualify that headline by saying, yes, we’ll have galleries of any outstanding celebrity breasts at the Oscars tomorrow morning. In the meantime, I’m not about to sit around sweating another boring Hollywood circle-jerk while the bar for dramatic television is being set. So on that note, here’s an antler-horned cornucopia of TrueMore »

Lili Simmons Is Your New Naked Chick From ‘True Detective’

True Detective is the goddamn highlight of my week, and probably the greatest written, acted, and directed season of television that any of us will ever see. Which is why I hate to reduce it to just another show where hot chicks get naked, but I’d also hate to not have clicks on my titty… More »

The President Has Seen Alexandra Daddario’s Boobs And So Now Must We

Yesterday, Defamer reported that President Obama personally asked HBO’s CEO for advanced copies of Game of Thrones and True Detective because you know who calls you in that middle of that shit when you’re the president? The talking bill from Schoolhouse Rock. Every time. More importantly, Alexandra Daddario saw Defamer’s post and tweeted this:
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This Is A Post About ‘True Detective’

If you’re not watching True Detective, you’re missing out the greatest fucking show on television and Matthew McConaughey’s best work since Magic Mike which just made me wonder what it’d be like if Rust Chole were replaced by Dallas… focus, focus. However, you’re also probably living a less nihilistic existence where you don’t stare off… More »

Heather Locklear Ate A Bunch Of Pills And Booze Again A.K.A. Breakfast

Heather Locklear looked like this Tuesday night while catching a Lakers game with Woody Harrelson, so you’ll be surprised to learn that 48 hours later she was hospitalized for drinking another round of Scotch and Xanax Mai-tais. It practically came out of nowhere. TMZ reports and be sure to scope out the pic at the… More »