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The Palins Beat The Shit Out of An Entire Party

“I’ll goshdarn say it again, Moose Tang Clan ain’t nothin’ to fuck with.”

In Matthew 5:5 Jesus tells us, “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.” Later, in that same chapter, he expands on his message in verse 39: “If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them… More »

Sarah Palin’s Porn Double Will Be At The Republican National Convention

Sarah Palin still hasn’t been invited to the Republican National Convention, and probably won’t because she’s the kiss of death to presidential campaigns, but that doesn’t mean her fellow rich white people can’t watch her porn double Lisa Ann strip for dollar bills in accordance with the good book. Take that, Obama! Via Jezebel:
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Sarah Palin Defends Willow’s ‘F-ggot’ Rant

What was almost a completely forgotten about issue has been resurrected by Sarah Palin’s inability to portray herself as anything but a helpless victim of the media, a dont’cha know. Here she is talking to Sean Hannity where, unprompted, she brought up Willow Palin’s publicized use of the word “faggot” to attack a classmate who… More »

A Word on Willow Palin

No, she’s not the one with the kid. — Yet.

While her mother continued to bait idiots into thinking she’s dumb enough to run for president just to drum up publicity for her new reality show, 16-year-old Willow Palin has been under fire today for calling a classmate “faggot” and other gay slurs… More »