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Whoopi Goldberg Thinks Bill Cosby Is A Rapist Now

Whoopi Goldberg thinks Bill Cosby is guilty now, so your angry texts and death threats worked after all. Good job? More »

Whoopi Goldberg Is Still Defending Bill Cosby

Whoopi Goldberg read the court documents, right? I feel like that’s the part that’s missing here. More »

Jenny McCarthy’s Acting Like She Quit ‘The View’

Earlier in the week, I posted that Jenny McCarthy was getting fired from The View because, well, she’s Jenny McCarthy. And that’s exactly what happened yesterday because apparently everyone but Whoopi Goldberg was let go. Except if you follow Jenny on Twitter, she’d have you believe she quit out of solidarity with Sherri Shepherd who’s… More »

Bill O’Reilly Stopped By ‘The View.’ Guess How It Went.

Bill O’Reilly was on The View this morning where heated discussions on the “terror mosque” are apparently still happening. I’ve already made my views known on the subject, so I’m basically going to stick to how everyone looked like asshats in this whole ordeal because television punditry is entirely theater. Via Popeater:

“Listen… More »

Whoopi Goldberg: ‘Mel Gibson Isn’t a Racist’

Presumably as part of her contract with The View, Whoopi Goldberg must always take the side of any celebrity accused of wrongdoing which gave the world this gem on Roman Polanski “It wasn’t rape-rape.” Now, like Jesse James before him, Whoopi is going to bat for Mel Gibson despite videotaped recordings of him using racial… More »

Marisa Miller is fashiony and other news

- Whitney Houston talks Bobby Brown with Oprah. Spoiler: Crack is involved. [PopEater]

- Ryan Reynolds might be The A-Team’s Murdock instead of Green Lantern. [Lainey Gossip]

- Megan Fox was at the VMAs? She must’ve bolted after Kanye exceeded the show’s bitch threshold. Whose night didn’t he ruin? [Just Jared]

More »

Jenna Jameson on The View? Wow, really?

Thanks to pioneers like Kim Kardashian, porn stars are now considered legitimate guests on The View. This trailblazing led to the most awkward, surreal, WTF interview I’ve ever seen when Jenna Jameson appeared on yesterday’s show (video after the jump). It’s almost like inviting a hooker over to your house to meet your mom, grandmom… More »

Whoopi Goldberg to join The View

Not that anybody cares, but Barbara Walters officially announced today that Whoopi Goldberg has been signed on to replace Rosie O’Donnell has co-host of The View. She’ll start co-hosting the day after Labor Day.

I guess this was a fitting choice. How else are you supposed to know how hip and progressive… More »