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Mel Gibson & Vince Vaughn Are Making Blue Lives Matter Porn

Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn are starring in a movie about police brutality? Oh. Oh, God… More »

Vince Vaughn Said Some Stupid Shit About Guns

Vince Vaughn thinks we need guns in schools and on eveyone at all times to fight the government. Oh, goddammit. More »

‘True Detective’ Season 2 Has A Trailer

The trailer for ‘True Detective’ Season 2 is here. Hot dog? More »

Vince Vaughn Wants to Keep The Gay Joke

See? He freakin’ loves them.

After Anderson Cooper complained on The Ellen Show, Universal Pictures was pressured into removing the following joke from its trailer for the upcoming Vince Vaughn film The Dilemna:

“Electric cars are gay. I mean, not ‘homosexual’ gay but ‘my parents are chaperoning the dance’ gay.”
More »

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn really break up this time

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn have officially broken up after more than a year together. Reps for the couple tell People:

“After Jennifer’s trip to London several weeks ago, Jennifer and Vince mutually agreed to end their relationship but continue to be good friends today.”

I can’t even pretend to care… More »

Vince Vaughn gets an apology

Page Six issued an apology today after Vince Vaughn’s lawyers filed a complaint against them for running stories claiming he cheated on Jennifer Aniston with a blonde woman in the UK. They write:

Jennifer Aniston went on “Oprah” to tell the world she and Vince Vaughn are still together. We apologize to… More »

Vince Vaughn sues for cheating on Jennifer Aniston

Vince Vaughn is set to sue the Sun, Daily Mirror, and New York Post after they claimed he kissed a “mystery woman” at a London charity event at the Old Vic theater earlier this month. The Sun and Daily Mirror articles ran a photograph of Vaughn kissing a blonde woman (above) which Vaughn… More »

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn break up

Us Weekly’s cover story is that Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston have split. A source close to Vince says the split happened just before he left for London to begin work and that Vince told the source: “It’s not common knowledge, but we’re not together anymore. We’ve split up.” Additionally, a friend of… More »

Jennifer Aniston is really angry

Jennifer Aniston called up People today to set the record straight that she’s not engaged to Vince Vaughn. She says in an angry interview:

“I’m not engaged and I don’t have a ring and I haven’t been proposed to. Normally we don’t even acknowledge these things because they’re endless, at this… More »

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn may or may not be engaged

Us Weekly is reporting that Vince Vaughn proposed to Jennifer Aniston but Jennifer’s rep has issued a statement saying it’s not true. Aniston reportedly accepted the proposal as they returned from a nine-day vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on their private jet. A friend of the couple says Vaughn intended to propose on… More »

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