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Vin Diesel Growled Incoherently On A Selena Gomez Song. Neat.

People who love this new Vin Diesel and Selena Gomez song shouldn’t be allowed to buy guns. I said it. More »

Vin Diesel Made A Valentine’s Day Video, It’s Goddamn Terrible

Vin Diesel can mumble absolute nonsense on Facebook and a million people will watch it. This is our world now. More »

Hey, Dipshits! Look, They Made Another ‘xXx’ Movie For You

Vin Diesel’s back in the new xXx movie because we have reached our peak capabilities as a world power. It’s empire crumbling time now, bitches. More »

Vin Diesel & The Rock Feud: Probably WWE Stunt This Whole Time

Goddammit. More »

Vin Diesel Loves The Rock Again Because Paul Walker Or Some Shit

Paul Walker healed The Rock and Vin Diesel from Heaven. More »

Tyrese Chose Team Diesel. We Should Have Seen This Coming.

Tyrese came to Vin Diesel in his time of crisis, because they’re family or some dumb shit. More »

Vin Diesel Is Gonna Tell You Everything

Vin Diesel’s story will not go untold. More »

The Rock Was Talking About Vin Diesel, Vin Diesel Is The Candy Ass

So remember when The Rock called somebody an unprofessional candy ass? It was Vin Diesel. Vin Diesel has the ass candy. More »

Gee, I Wonder Who The Rock Just Called An Unprofessional Candy Ass?

The Rock just put his male Fast 8 co-stars on blast. More »

‘Say Hello To That Round Mound of Pound’ Is One Way To Talk To Kids

Oh, the things Vin Diesel is gonna do for money in the 90s. Shark toy? More »

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