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Rihanna’s New Video Is Dumb As Hell

Rihanna’s new video for Bitch Better Have My Money is seven minutes you’ll never get back, and she even gets naked in it.

By: The Superficial / July 2, 2015

And Now Paul Rudd Farting Through An Entire Interview

Paul Rudd will only answer in farts and you’ll love him for it.

By: The Superficial / July 2, 2015

Paris Hilton Suing Over Hilarious Plane Crash Prank That Was Hilarious

Paris Hilton will sue the crew of an Egyptian TV show for hilariously tricking her into believing she was about to die in a plane crash.

By: The Superficial / June 30, 2015

Jon Stewart Destroys Antonin Scalia

Jon Stewart goes to town on Antonin Scalia’s absolutely insane dissents on gay marriage and Obamacare.

By: The Superficial / June 30, 2015

Paris Hilton Tricked Into Thinking She’s Dying In A Plane Crash, Anyone?

Paris Hilton was masterfully tricked into thinking she was about to die in a plane crash, and the video is amazing.

By: The Superficial / June 29, 2015

Selena Gomez Is Wet (Yeah, Puns!)

Selena Gomez naked. Did you need me to say more?

By: The Superficial / June 26, 2015

You Guys, I Think Blake Anderson Might Smoke Weed

Blake Anderson got kicked off a morning show in Cincinnati. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but I think he might have been high as shit.

By: The Superficial / June 19, 2015

Tiger Woods Had A Fun Day

Somebody flew a “Cheater” banner over the U.S. Open yesterday. Tiger Woods handled it well.

By: The Superficial / June 19, 2015

Kim Kardashian Can Write?

Kim Kardashian wrote a letter to her future self and it’s as vapid and dumb as you imagined.

By: The Superficial / June 17, 2015

Rachel Dolezal Is Nothing Like Caitlyn Jenner, You Dumb F*cking F*cks

Rachel Dolezal is a fucking liar and has nothing to do with Caitlyn Jenner. You’re not clever.

By: The Superficial / June 16, 2015

Mariska Hargitay Meeting Taylor Swift’s Cat Counts As News Now

Olivia Benson met Olivia Benson because apparently the Large Hadron Collider isn’t trying to destroy the universe fast enough.

By: The Superficial / June 15, 2015

Megyn Kelly Has Interesting Criteria For Which Teens Are ‘Saints’

After two prime time specials defending Josh Duggar, Megyn Kelly has no problems throwing a black 15-year-old attacked by police under the bus.

By: The Superficial / June 9, 2015

Chet Haze Is The Worst Thing To Happen To His Parents

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are dealing with her breast cancer diagnosis while their son, Chet Haze, simultaneously fights to keep saying ‘nigga.’ Eat dicks, life.

By: Photo Boy / June 9, 2015

Reese Witherspoon Makes Working At Walmart Cute And Fun! Hurray!

Walmart paid Reese Witherspoon to show its shareholders the “Bend And Snap” from Legally Blonde, and she did it because she’s not rich enough apparently.

By: The Superficial / June 8, 2015

James Franco Parodied Shia LaBeouf’s TED Talk Parody

James Franco parodied Shia LaBeouf’s TED Talk parody and if that makes you angrily confused, congratulations, you’re competely normal.

By: Photo Boy / June 3, 2015

Shia LaBeouf Saying ‘Do It’ Over And Over Again? Goddammit, Internet

Shia LaBeouf made a fake motivational speech that’s captivated the Internet like a shiny quarter. A bright, shiny quarter. Whee! Look at it go.

By: The Superficial / June 1, 2015

Amy Schumer Defends Bill Cosby In The Court of Public Opinion

Amy Schumer defends your right to enjoy The Cosby Show without thinking about all those women Bill Cosby raped.

By: The Superficial / May 27, 2015
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