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So Lindsay™ Will Be in The Gotti Movie

Yesterday, Gotti: Three Generations producer Marc Fiore, who’s turning out to be quite the famewhore which explains his obsession with Lindsay Lohan, went shrieking to the press that she absolutely will not be in his movie after dealing with her management team/mom. Except, just kidding! She’s now back in the movie but not as VictoriaMore »

CONFIRMED: Lindsay™ Won’t Be in The ‘Gotti’ Movie

Two days ago, Gotti: Three Generations producer Marc Fiore was raving about Lindsay Lohan and claiming he was not only going to cast her as Victoria Gotti but had another role for her in his next movie, too. Then he spent the past 48 hours dealing with her management team (i.e. Dina). Guess how that… More »

Victoria Gotti Says She Never Asked For Lindsay™ to Play Her

Earlier in the week, Lindsay Lohan crashed the Gotti: Three Generations press conference and gave an interview as if she already landed the role of Victoria Gotti. (She hasn’t.) Turns out, not even a day later, Victoria started telling people she never requested Lindsay play her despite reports to the contrary which we can now… More »

Lindsay™ Just Showed Up to the Gotti Press Conference

Lindsay Lohan was recently reported to be up for the role of Victoria Gotti in the John Gotti biopic Gotti: Three Generations starring John Travolta. Except it turns out she’s only in the very early stages of talks, but that didn’t stop her flapjack titties from just showing up to the press conference in New… More »

Lindsay Lohan is Victoria Gotti

When I first embarked on this magical blogging journey, I always believed in my heart of hearts that if I waited patiently, I’d eventually see Lindsay Lohan turn to the mob to find acting roles. And here we are. TMZ reports:

Lindsay Lohan beat out Blake Lively AND Sienna Miller for her new… More »