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Tom Cruise & David Beckham Played It Real Cool At Last Night’s Kings Game

Posted by Photo Boy

Like all celebrities do during playoffs, Tom Cruise and David Beckham pretended to be huge fans of the sport and showed up for some awesome seats at last night’s Kings v. Sharks game. Knowing next to nothing about sports, even I know nobody gives a shit about hockey. This… More »

Who *Isn’t* Giving Birth This Summer? Let’s Start There.

“There a baybee poppin’ out yet? Coulda sworn this is how y’all do it.”

Off the top of my head, this who’s given birth this summer, and I guarantee I’m going to forget at least five people because pretty much every celebrity with a uterus decided to see if it still works last… More »

Victoria Beckham Wants to Murder Jennifer Lopez

Yesterday, American Idol creator Simon Fuller received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and, naturally, invited Victoria Beckham because he also manages the Spice Girls. Except she decided to show up late only to find current Idol host Jennifer Lopez had taken the front row seats leaving Posh to sit in the third… More »

Blake Lively is a dame and other news

- Lourdes Leon recreates Madonna’s iconic “Like a Virgin” outfit which means it’s only a few years until she’s snatching babies from small African villages. They grow up so fast. [PopEater]

- Victoria Beckham’s bolt-ons make the cover of Elle. [Lainey Gossip]

- Shia LaBeouf and Carey Mulligan take their love public. More »

Kim Zolciak gets topless for gay marriage and other news

- Kim & Khloe Kardashian are a hawking a new weight loss product they claim to use. So.. when does it start working? [PopEater]

- Victoria Beckham makes no fucking sense. Why can’t she just wear a bikini like Ginger? [Lainey Gossip]

- Aubrey O’Day hearts Castro and Hitler, but apparently not… More »

Elle Macpherson’s still got it and other news

- Victoria Beckham goes overkill on the bronzer for her first day on American Idol. Even George Hamilton went “Are you kidding me?” then instructed his wife to tan him with a flamethrower. True story. [Lainey Gossip]

- Brad Pitt is not running for mayor of New Orleans. He is, however, running for… More »

Victoria Beckham to guest judge on American Idol

Victoria Beckham will be a temporary replacement judge for Paula Abdul on American Idol, according to SkyNews:

Posh will join fellow judges Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi on the panel.
The announcement comes just a day after Paula Abdul announced on Twitter that she was leaving American’s most popular show after… More »

Kanye West can break up with people, too

- Kanye West and Amber Rose are no longer a couple. Gotta admit I like this current fad better than all that Twittering shit. Can all we finally admit, as a society, that that was super gay? [I’m Not Obsessed]

- Hugh Grant kicks a paparazzo in the nuts for helping him… More »

David & Victoria Beckham leaving America?

David Beckham is looking to ditch the LA Galaxy soccer team and stay with Italian team AC Milan who he just might take to the championships. Galaxy owners want David back before the start of their season, but he has an escape clause that could allow him to end his five-year contract early. The LAMore »

Ricky Gervais petitions Obama for a Paris Hilton/Victoria Beckham exchange

British comedian Ricky Gervais took to his blog today after finding out Paris Hilton bought a house in London. He’s written the following open letter to President Barack Obama in hopes of negotiating a trade:

Dear Mr President,
Firstly, congratulations on your historic win. I have never been so behind a candidate for what… More »

Victoria Beckham does sexy stuff for Armani

Victoria Beckham scored a multi-million deal with Armani late last year and these are the first ads from her campaign. I call this one “Tom Cruise Stops By the Beckham House at an Inopportune Time. Flips the Fuck Out.” I don’t know how that’ll sell clothes, but what do I know? Besides everything.

EDIT:More »

David Beckham is kind of a pussy, also idiot

Tough guy David Beckham decided to start a fight with a paparazzo yesterday, but then let his bodyguards do the dirty work while he jetted off to get a manicure and, let’s assume, vaginal rejuvenation surgery. E! Online reports:

According to an eyewitness, Beckham went up to the car and tried to get the… More »

Victoria Beckham for absolutely no reason

There’s no real reason I’m posting these, I’m just fond of photos of Victoria Beckham. Boy, that’s some natural looking cleavage isn’t it? I’m pretty sure her plastic surgeon just cut an orange in half and super glued them in there.

Photos: Pacific Coast NewsMore »

Victoria Beckham really knows fashion

So for how long exactly has Victoria Beckham been played by Peter Pan? And why does her son look like he just got back from a safari where he hunted Santa Claus?

Photos: Pacific Coast NewsMore »

David Beckham will never stop loving cheerleaders

The folks over at Socialite Life got a hold of some pics of David Beckham ogling cheerleaders again at last night’s Lakers game (above). And seriously, who can blame the guy? Just look at his wife. Victoria Beckham’s built like an 18th century waif from a Charles Dickens’ novel: “Please, sir, may I have another… More »

Victoria Beckham, what in the hell?

For a guy who spends 75% of his day in his boxers, I know surprisingly little about fashion. That said, what the flying Jesus is Victoria Beckham wearing to the CFDA awards? Apparently, it’s some sort of Marc Jacobs creation, but who let her out of the house looking like that? I mean, between David… More »

Victoria Beckham’s clothing line pulled from stores

Victoria Beckham’s clothing line is being pulled from Fred Segal’s and Kitson. Much like Posh Spice her clothes turned into a stick thin anomaly with a freakishly large head. Okay, that metaphor kind of sucked, but I think you get my point. InTouch reports:

Posh’s DVB denim range is being dropped due to poor… More »

Victoria Beckham quits The Spice Girls

Victoria Beckham revealed her decision to quit The Spice Girls yesterday. In an exclusive interview with News of the World (Larry King must’ve been busy) Posh Spice lays out her decision to get off the “Girl Power” train:

“I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. I’m not in the music industry any… More »

The Spice Girls keep things ‘sisterly’ and not ‘lesbiany’

The Spice Girls in defiance of all logic and reason have been on a comeback tour. They appeared at the 12th Victoria’s Secret Fashion show and had a concert in L.A. on Wednesday where they spoke to FOX News about their strictly “sisterly” love:

On being back together:
“All of us together… More »

Victoria Beckham sleeps in the nude

Victoria Beckham sleeps in the buff, according to the latest issue of Elle magazine. Victoria says “I sleep naked. I’m going to be naked if I’m getting in bed with him [husband David Beckham] every night.” That would almost be hot if she weren’t entirely made of plastic. Victoria talked to Elle about her life… More »

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