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Taylor Momsen’s Parents Are Doing Great

Here’s Taylor Momsen with her band The Pretty Reckless performing at Warped Tour over the weekend and pushing Underage Summer into new levels of me going to jail. Except thanks to the keen investigative work of Reuters, I now know it’s not illegal to post pictures of horrible parenting choices if they’re in a public… More »

Selena Gomez in a Bikini

I’m assuming God wants to test just how depraved society has become* because here’s yet another almost-18 starlet in revealing attire. This time around it’s Selena Gomez on the set of Monte Carlo today and had I known this was going to turn into Underage Summer, I would’ve made sure all my forged passports are… More »

‘So A Lot of You Have Seen My Vagina Recently. Pretty Cool, Right?’

“Thank you, LA House of Blues. You’re too beautiful tonight. As y’all might know my new album comes out tomorrow which is why you’ve seen a lot of my ‘Downtown Miley Brown’ area latey. Don’t worry, it’s all coordinated marketing and we even got a major news outlet to declare that shit perfectly legal. (Love… More »

Miley Cyrus Flashed It Again

So sometime between this morning and last night’s post this occurred which makes me believe I made it happen with my dreams. — That’s not creepy!

Here’s the latest shot to come out of Miley Cyrus’ Much Music Video Award performances and at first I thought this thing had to be doctored, but… More »

Miley Cyrus is Legal in Canada. Hence This.

Here’s Miley Cyrus at the Much Music Video Awards in Toronto Sunday night looking almost entirely like the Bride of Christ she claimed to be to sell Hannah Montana lunchboxes across the Bible Belt. That being said, do you think Miley’s boyfriend found it less exciting to have sex with her in Canada where the… More »


So I was just about to give Miley Cyrus credit for dressing surprisingly tame on Good Morning America today and then this happened. Someone explain me to how “KIDDIE PORN!” was screamed all over the Internet when half an almost-18-year-old’s labia popped out on a photo shoot, yet suggestive pubic bone stroking is choreographed into… More »

Demi Lovato in a Bikini

Here’s Disney star Demi Lovato vacationing in Mexico yesterday, and some of you might be noticing she’s 17 and I’m basically showing your her ass. If Perez Hilton posting a picture of Miley Cyrus’ vagina for sheer publicity isn’t considered child porn, and rightfully so, I’m pretty sure posting half an 18-in-60-days buttcrack falls under… More »

Miley Cyrus: ‘I’m Not Slutty’

Despite evidence to the contrary here, here and here, Miley Cyrus wants everyone to know she’s not a slut. She just hates clothes, that’s all. Via the AP: … More »

Miley Cyrus still doing slutty stuff

Here’s Miley Cyrus performing at GAY in London and kissing a girl again less than 24 hours after taking to her blog to say she didn’t kiss one the first time:

I performed Cant Be Tamed this week on one of my favorite shows here in the UK Britians Got Talent. Which is… More »

Miley Cyrus kisses girls now. Of course.

Miley Cyrus performed on Britain’s Got Talent last night where she apparently kissed a female dancer because that’s the next chapter in the Britney playbook after “Camel Toes! The Reliable Friend.” Frankly I’m amazed the Cyruses can still read the damn thing. I just assumed it’d have cold cuts and mayo between the pages that… More »

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