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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit: 50 Years of Beautiful

Kate Upton’s giant breasts were at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit: 50 Years of Beautiful event last night, so I don’t know why I’m even writing anything else or bothering to point out that Christie Brinkley is an ageless vampire. Or wondering why I didn’t lead with Genevieve Morton who, honestly, looks way hotter than Kate,… More »

Kate Upton Is Your ‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit Cover Model. Again.

Here’s Kate Upton posing for the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue where she’s become the first model since Tyra Banks (1996 – 1997) to be on two consecutive covers. And apparently all it took is being a blonde with really awesome jugs which you’d just assume would’ve happen sooner. So everybody shut up about stupid… More »

Tyra Banks in a Bikini

“Mothafucka, how you gonna not look at my vagina?”

Just a heads up, 90% of today’s posts are going to involve bikinis, but before you start rubbing your hands together in sexy anticipation, I should probably point out some are gonna look like this which my memory is trying to tell me used… More »

Tyra Banks joins a flash mob and other news

- Jesus Luz earns his paycheck at Madonna’s 51st birthday dinner. [Splash News]

- Jessica Simpson is NOT replacing Paula Abdul. Is it because she can’t read? That’s discrimination! [PopEater]

- Gwyneth Paltrow used to be in on the jokes. Now she’s the ass end. [Lainey Gossip]

- Tom Cruise’s whiteMore »

Tyra Banks causes a riot (Indirectly)

An America’s Next Top Model audition went apeshit yesterday in Manhattan after a broken down car pulled up next to thousands of barricaded models prompting someone to yell “It’s a bomb!” The ladies, all under 5′ 7″ per this cycle’s guidelines, obviously panicked and made like they’d just been offered pizza, crushing everything in their… More »

Tyra Banks casts transgender contestant on America’s Next Top Model

Hold on to your androgynous zones; the new season of America’s Next Top Model just got a whole lot more penis-ier. Meet Isis (above) a transgender model who “identifies herself as ‘a woman born physically male.'” She/He made the cut to be on Tyra Bank’s completely scripted modeling competition and looks forward to… More »

Tyra Banks gets her own holiday, you still have to work

Tyra Banks celebrates her 500th episode of The Tyra Banks Show today. She stopped by The View (video after the jump) to announce that Mayor Bloomberg has officially proclaimed today “The Tyra Banks Show Day.” Sadly, it’s not a national holiday and I should probably stop downing this champagne. But it’s so bubbly! Anyway, while… More »

Heidi & Spencer love America and confirm Lauren Conrad made a sex tape

When they’re not busy posing for horribly fake photo shoots (I call this one “America: Ain’t We Retarded?”), Heidi and Spencer love to expose their Hills co-star Lauren Conrad as just as fake as they are. This morning, the couple dropped a bomb on Tyra (video after the jump) and confirmed that Lauren did, inMore »

Tyra Banks, Ryan Seacrest eligible for Emmys

Good morning! There’s nothing like waking up to a slap in the face by the fact that our country is barreling towards rampant retardation at friggin’ lightspeed. The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (I’ll assume formed by Mr. Wizard) has announced that reality TV hosts such as Tyra Banks (above) and Ryan… More »

Gary Coleman and the missus on Tyra Banks

Gary Coleman and his bride took their carnival act onto The Tyra Banks Show yesterday where conveniently comedian Steve Harvey was co-hosting. Tyra quizzed the new Mrs. Coleman about being with Gary, his virginal status and their age difference: she’s 22, he’s 40. You start to get the impression this chick just wants… More »

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