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Kristen Stewart Banned From Robert Pattinson’s ‘Cosmopolis’ Premiere

Now that her black heart has sent a wounded Robert Pattinson into the perpetually-pregnant arms of Reese Witherspoon for comfort, Kristen Stewart is banned from the premiere of Cosmopolis even though no one can get a straight answer if Robert Pattinson is even showing up for it or not. All they hear when they call… More »

You’ve Been Denied Edward’s Butt Crack, Twi-Hards. The Revolution Is NOW!

Even though Robert Pattinson literally banged Kristen Stewart in front of the cast and crew of Twilight: Breaking Dawn (Or at least that’s how we read this.), apparently Twi-hards will not only be denied his sparkly thrusts thanks to the MPAA, but they’ll also miss out on his glittery b-hole. Or at least the shimmery… More »

Jennifer Love Hewitt Looked Attractive Again

Despite the fact Jennifer Love Hewitt has openly stated she stalks Robert Pattinson, here she is at the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 last night where she clearly set her cleavage to “So I brought these three rings…” Unfortunately for her, Kristen Stewart was there, but then again, I’m clearly underestimating… More »

The Twilight Saga: New Moon on DVD/Blu-Ray 3/20

Robert Pattinson and shirtless Taylor Lautner. Do I even have to say more?

The Twilight Saga: New Moon on DVD/Blu-Ray March 20th. Because you love shiny vampires loving girls who befriend werewolves with sick abs.