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Keanu Reeves is ‘The One’ – who doesn’t have to pay shit

Keanu Reeves won a lawsuit today when a jury of his peers determined he is not liable for the injuries of papparazzo Alison Shiva. Alison claims Keanu struck him with his Porsche in 2007 which damaged his wrist and caused him to lose work. Unfortunately, Alison is too stupid to realize he works… More »

Keanu Reeves on trial, somehow not for his acting

Shocker–Keanu Reeves is not the best of drivers, and now he’s being sued for it. I know, I know; it sounds impossible, but as E! Online reports:

A vengeful paparazzo has put The Devil’s Advocate star on the hot seat.
Keanu Reeves took the stand at his civil trial today and denied dinging… More »