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Good Morning, Charlie Riina Topless, And Other News

Jennifer Lopez basically wears the same dress everywhere. [Lainey Gossip]

Sandra Bullock really wants to touch herself. [Fishwrapper]

Brenda Song lied about being pregnant with Trace Cyrus‘ baby. [Dlisted]

Monday Evening Sideboob, Anyone? [theCHIVE]

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By: The Superficial / May 19, 2015

Good Morning, Marissa Everhart Topless, And Other News

Australia wants to kill Johnny Depp‘s dogs. [Lainey Gossip]

Blythe Danner thinks people are “intimidated” by GOOP. [Fishwrapper]

Patrick Dempsey probably banged interns on Grey’s Anatomy. [Dlisted]

Mirrors, and Cameras, and Girls, Oh My! [theCHIVE]

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By: Photo Boy / May 15, 2015

The Courtney Stodden Sex Tape Trailer Has Arrived

Courtney Stodden‘s sex tape has a trailer, and she’s naked in it, so I literally don’t have to post anything for the rest of the month. See you in June!

By: The Superficial / May 14, 2015

Miley Cyrus Did More Naked Shit

Miley Cyrus performed topless at the Adult Swim Upfront Party because Miley Cyrus.

By: The Superficial / May 14, 2015

Good Morning, Kaylee J Lavigne & Saab Marty, And Other News

Amy Schumer shits on Blake and Gwyneth. [Lainey Gossip]

Khloe Kardashian thinks she’s Beyonce. [Fishwrapper]

Cate Blanchett had sex with ladies. [Dlisted]

Alexandra Daddario Will Literally Rock Your World [theCHIVE]

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By: The Superficial / May 14, 2015

Courtney Stodden Sold Her Sex Tape, But Isn’t Keeping The Money?

Courtney Stodden is allowing Vivid to distribue her ‘stolen’ sex tape, but she claims 100% of the profits will go to charity. Okay.

By: The Superficial / May 11, 2015

Diddy Banging Cassie In A Perfume Commercial, Anyone?

Diddy made a perfume commercial where he bangs a completely naked Cassie and for some reason Macy’s wasn’t thrilled.

By: The Superficial / May 5, 2015

Good Morning, Tessa Streeter Bikini Photos, And Other News

Meredith Viera schools Stacey Dash, Blake Lively wants to go to Harvard, the Duggars need to be sterilized, and Emily Ratajkowski’s breasts. Your morning links.

By: The Superficial / May 1, 2015

Courtney Stodden Is Shopping A Sex Tape, Nature.. Found A Way

Courtney Stodden is shopping around a solo sex tape because no one wants to see Doug Hutchison’s balls.

By: The Superficial / April 28, 2015

Alice Eve Said Something About Bruce Jenner, I’ll Get The GIF Ready

Alice Eve criticizes Bruce Jenner on Instagram for ‘playing at being a woman’ before quickly deleting her post, so obviously a topless GIF of her breasts will only add to the conversation. I’m a helper.

By: The Superficial / April 28, 2015

Lindsey Pelas Will Prove Her Breasts Are Real Now

Lindsey Pelas saw what you said about her breasts not being real and made a video, so that plan worked perfectly. Good job, team.

By: The Superficial / April 23, 2015

Good Morning, Allie Mason Topless, And Other News

Allie Mason topless, Idris Elba joins Star Trek 3, The Duggars are multiplying way too fucking fast, Blake Lively’s legs, and Kourtney Kardashian’s breast pump porn. Your morning links.

By: The Superficial / April 23, 2015

Charlotte McKinney Nude Photos Leaked Online (Allegedly)

Alleged nude photos of Charlotte McKinney have leaked online which I ruin by confirming she’s dating Stephen Dorff. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions.

By: The Superficial / April 15, 2015

Good Morning, Stefanie Knight Topless, And Other News

Blake Lively continues her transformation into GOOP Jr., Jennifer Lopez does crotch shots now, that Dennis Quaid video was a stunt, and the lost Madonna nudes. Your morning links.

By: The Superficial / April 15, 2015

Charlotte McKinney Did More Topless Stuff

Charlotte McKinney posed topless again. That counts as news.

By: The Superficial / April 7, 2015

Good Morning, Shelley Golden Topless, And Other News

Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest penis holster, Giuliana Rancic talks shit on Ginger Spice, Ronda Rousey isn’t good enough for Walmart, and Olivia Wilde’s thong. Your morning links.

By: The Superficial / April 7, 2015

Reminder: Ireland Baldwin Has Kim Basinger’s Genes

Ireland Baldwin naked. You’re welcome.

By: The Superficial / April 2, 2015

Good Morning, Indianara Carvalho Topless, And Other News

Katy Perry’s April Fools’ joke, Farrah Abraham is an idiot, Robert Pattinson got engaged to someone who isn’t Bella – OMG – and Sofia Vergara in yoga pants. Your morning links.

By: Photo Boy / April 2, 2015

Good Morning, Nikki Nixx Topless, And Other News

JLo brought her boyfriend to an age-appropriate movie for once, Amber Portwood’s life is more together than Farrah Abraham’s, Jennifer Lawrence won’t have sex with Bradley Cooper, and Elizabeth Hurley’s butt double. Your morning links.

By: The Superficial / March 24, 2015

Miley Cyrus Wants NY Taxpayers To Fund Her Charity

Miley Cyrus got high, decided to save the homeless, then her lawyers went “AHAHA! That’s good. Good one, we’ll handle it from here.”…

By: Photo Boy / March 19, 2015
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