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Toni Braxton Thinks God Gave Her Son Autism Because She Had An Abortion? Holy Shit

Originally, this was supposed to be a post about Phil Robertson preaching more homophobic bullshit on Easter Sunday, but then I found this Toni Braxton item which is way more ridiculous than some Duck Dynasty idiot knowing he has a blank check from the Redneck Bank of America and cashing that bitch in. So here’s… More »

That’s Toni Braxton’s Butt

I don’t know why any of you are reading the words down here because up top is Toni Braxton’s butt which would look amazing on anyone of any age, let alone a 45-year-old woman. It’s not like I’m going write something that even comes close to that and, trust me, I’ve been experimenting with font… More »

Toni Braxton is Doing Playboy

Toni Braxton recently filed for bankruptcy on account of being an insane $50 million in debt, so naturally there’s only one way for this story to end: Nudity. Here she is on Twitter last night rationalizing posing for Playboy:

– New Year, New opportunities. So I have been considering taking up Playboy’s offer… More »