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Leah Remini: Tom Cruise Can End Scientology Whenever He Wants

Leah Remini basically laid all of Scientology’s bullshit at Tom Cruise’s feet. More »

Leah Remini Is Still Going HAM On Scientology

Leah Remini is Scientology’s #1 enemy now. More »

Tom Cruise Has A Secret British Girlfriend

Scientology found someone new for Tom Cruise. Who ever said romance and the creepy machinations of an evil, batshit cult were dead? More »

Katie Holmes Can Talk Shit About Tom Cruise Soon

The terms of Katie Holmes allegedly secret divorce settlement are about to expire, so this should be awesome. More »

Cuba Gooding Jr. Said Tom Cruise Had Work Done

Cuba Gooding Jr. surprised Tom Cruise at his house one time. That explains so, so much. More »

Matt Lauer Wanted To Wrestle Tom Cruise, Wisely Did Not

Matt Lauer told Andy Cohen he wanted to wrestle Tom Cruise. Mmm, oh yeah, now that’s some good Internet right there. … More »

Tom Cruise Wants Oprah To Help Him Yell At Leah Remini

Tom Cruise Is Pissed Katie Holmes Apologized To Leah Remini

Tom Cruise is not happy Katie Holmes apologized for all the crazy shit he made her do. More »

Leah Remini’s Scientology Book Has Tom Cruise Stories

Leah Remini’s book has some great Tom Cruise anecdotes. More »

Leah Remini And JLo Ruined Space Jesus’ Wedding

Scientology did something crazy to protect Tom Cruise’s sensitive fee-fees? That can’t be right. More »

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