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Timothy Dalton Might Be The New Alfred

There’s a special place in my heart for the Timothy Dalton Bond movies, so finding out he’ll be a more badass Alfred in Batman Vs. Superman sounds amazing as long as he describes things as the “soize of a tang-ah-reen.” Cosmic Book News has the scoop again, so it’s time to admit Zack Snyder ha…

The Superficial / August 29, 2013

Mel Gibson Wants Timothy Dalton to Blow Him Now. Or Something.

With the Mel Gibson recordings starting to get long in the tooth, producers wisely decided it was a time to bring in a guest star: Enter two-time 007 Timothy Dalton, father of Oksana Grigorieva’s 12-year-old son, and the subject of Mel’s latest rant which, like always, goes out on a classy ending that will touch…

The Superficial / July 26, 2010