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Tim McGraw is doing a benefit concert to help prevent kids from being shot in schools. Why does he hate freedom? More »

Tim McGraw personally ejects jackass from concert

Alright, first off, I’m not a fan of country music. I’d rather swallow live bees than listen to it, but I am willing to give badass credit where badass credit is due. In this case, Tim McGraw held a concert last night in Washington and saw some large bastard hit a woman. More »

Tim McGraw gets his ring stolen

Remember the concert over the weekend where some fan grabbed Tim McGraw’s balls and his wife Faith Hill came to his defense? Well at the same concert he apparently lost his ring while shaking hands with some fans. If you look closely, there’s a woman in a blue shirt who accidentally pulls his… More »

Faith Hill doesn’t like other women grabbing her husband’s balls

Faith Hill was performing in Lafayette, Louisiana over the weekend when a fan grabbed her husband Tim McGraw’s crotch. Faith scolded the fan, saying:

“Somebody needs to teach you some class, my friend. You don’t go grabbin’ somebody else’s — somebody’s husband’s balls, you understand me? That’s very disrespectful.”

That’s… More »