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T.I. Has Joined The National Discourse On Snoop V. Shitgibbon

T.I. would like to share some eloquent words on the state of our body politic. Heed them well. More »

T.I. Started A Fight With Floyd Mayweather Jr., Boxing Champ Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Above is TMZ footage of a fight that broke out at Fatburger in Vegas early Sunday Morning after T.I. got in Floyd Mayweather Jr.‘s face because of an Instagram photo of T.I.’s wife Tiny with Mayweather’s daughter. A situation that completely caught Mayweather by surprise because he just wanted some burgers and now there are… More »

T.I. and Tiny Understand Marriage

Before I beat you about the face and neck with People’s Choice Awards coverage – “beat” being the keyword here – let’s take a moment and acknowledge a couple who’s undying love for each other triumphed against all odds. It’s like you’re reading Twilight. TMZ reports:

T.I.’s wife Tiny confirms … the two… More »

Chris Brown Should’ve Gone to T.I.’s Jail

What is this? His first day of school? I don’t get it.

T.I. posted a letter to his official website lamenting his current stint in an Arkansas federal prison, and before we jump into this, I’d like to apologize in advance for writing two posts about Chris Brown. If it helps, it’s also… More »

‘Because When You Take the Bus… You Get There.’

Truthfully, I’ve been 8/5ths convinced this entire T.I. suicide rescue was a planned publicity stunt from the.. jump. *adjusts tie* That was until I learned the deep, spiritual words T.I. used to talk the man down. Words not unlike hearing Jesus calmly say your name in the middle of a storm. Or a really, really… More »

T.I. Talked Down a Suicide Jumper

Aw, Tip, you crazy for this one. The AP reports:

Police got unexpected help talking a suicidal man down from an Atlanta skyscraper when rapper T.I. showed up.
Officer James Polite says the hip-hop star joined the crowd outside the 22-story building Wednesday and told officers he wanted to help. Police said… More »

T.I. Busted for.. Sizzurp? Okay, Now We’re Just Making Words Up

Because Lindsay Lohan has taught the world that being on probation in LA means absolutely cockshit, T.I. and his new wife managed to get themselves busted last night after cops smelled marijuana wafting out of their car on Sunset Blvd. They both were slapped with felony drug possession with initial reports suggesting they were holding… More »

T.I. probably hates snitches even more now

Most of you probably heard about this over the weekend, but just in case, rapper T.I. was arrested on federal charges for having his bodyguard purchase machine guns for him. TMZ reports:

Authorities say the bodyguard admitted to purchasing about nine firearms for T.I. in the past and about 17 firearms for… More »