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Thomas Jane Used to Dabble in Gay Prostitution

Photo Boy here with a slight hiccup in your normally programmed dick jokes as I’ll be filling in for Fish today. Like any good substitute that I can remember from grade school, I’d like to start the day out with a little gay experimentation. In a recent interview with The L.A. Times, Hung star ThomasMore »

Patricia Arquette files for divorce from Thomas Jane

Patricia Arquette is ditching her husband of two years Thomas Jane, according to the AP:

Arquette filed for divorce from Thomas Jane in Los Angeles on Monday, citing irreconcilable differences. The couple, who were married in May 2006, have a 5-year-old daughter, Harlow Olivia Calliope Jane.
Arquette, the Emmy-winning star of the NBC show… More »

Thomas Jane gets DUI going 124 MPH

Thomas Jane, or Tom Jane as he likes to be called, got picked up for DUI early yesterday morning. The star of The Punisher, and the only actor alive to make someone say, “Wow, I miss Dolph Lundgren,” was apparently trying to break the sound barrier when the California Highway Patrol stopped him,… More »