The Principle

Captain Janeway’s Not A Geocentrist, Everybody

So yesterday, the Internet had a goddamn field day after finding out that Kate Mulgrew narrated a documentary that presupposes maybe the geocentric model wasn’t debunked? Turns out her, and basically everyone else in it, were tricked about the documentary’s content if not selectively edited into it without their knowledge. Here’s Captain Janeway’s statement on… More »

Captain Janeway Made A Documentary That Claims The Sun Revolves Around The Earth. Yup.

Kate Mulgrew (Or “Red” on Orange Is The New Black for you whippersnappers) played the only female Starfleet captain with her own series, so it only makes sense that that would backfire in a ball of crazy because here she is narrating the documentary The Principle which claims that the sun revolves around the earth. More »