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Heidi and Audrina’s breasts got cancelled

Civilization just became slightly less doomed. The Hills is going off the air after this season which essentially marks the end of Audrina Patridge and Heidi Montag’s careers, if that term even applies. Sure, they could fade away for a while, focus on their acting classes and try to land legitimate roles, but that’d… More »

Stephanie Pratt thinks she has a career

Stephanie Pratt apparently thinks it’ll be a smart move to quit The Hills, according to Hollyscoop:

Audrina Patridge has already scored her own reality show on MTV with Mark Burnett, so where does that leave Stephanie Pratt and Lo Bosworth?
“I think Audrina, Lo and I are all going to leave after these… More »

Doug Reinhardt shot down by The Hills

Looks like Doug Reinhardt is regretting Paris Hilton shitting on The Hills back in May. Much like he crawled back to Paris, he’s crawling back to his old stomping grounds who want nothing to do with him. And he works for free. Page Six reports:

Cast members of MTV’s “The Hills” were overheard… More »

Spencer Pratt admits ‘Hills’ is fake during hissy fit

While throwing a hissy fit shortly before quitting I’m a Celebrity…, Spencer Pratt essentially threw his gravy train The Hills under the bus, according to TMZ:

A well-placed source who works on the Costa Rican production of the show tells TMZ just before quitting the show, Spencer screamed at producers, “If you… More »

Paris Hilton shits on The Hills

Paris Hilton took a lanky swipe at Doug Reinhardt’s old show The Hills last night, according to Us Magazine:

“The show is, like, so lame and fake. He doesn’t even want to be a part of it,” Hilton told Wednesday at the Fifi Awards in NYC.
Lauren Conrad famously dumped Reinhardt on… More »

Whitney Port likes to be watched

Awesome news, America; Whitney Port’s new reality show, The City, premieres tonight, and she invites you all to watch it! For anyone hasn’t heard yet (hey, it’s the holidays; you’re forgiven), The City follows Hills alum Whitney Port as she weaves through New York and makes her mark on the fashion world. Which should be… More »

Brody Jenner says he’s not really all that gay

Apparently, when you star on a reality TV series that has you cruising for male companionship and you look like you spend more time than RuPaul in front of the mirror before leaving the house, certain misperceptions can develop among the general public. (The world can be so cruel.) Brody Jenner knows this (but, to… More »

Whitney Port has something City to say

Whitney Port is moving on from The Hills to spread her wings on her own show, The City (please, hold your tears; your grief can be expressed at, which will chronicle her adventures as she takes up in New York City. What will she do there? Judging from that thing that’s perched on… More »

David Letterman really starting to hate those Hills kids

David Letterman is growing visibly tired with having the “stars” of MTV’s The Hills on his show. Last night Lauren Conrad stopped by and you can tell Dave wasn’t in the sunshine up-the-ass blowing mood. Check out his comments:

On Lauren Conrad’s constant drama:
“That raises the question, maybe you’re the problem. You think? More »

Lauren Conrad might be out of a job

MTV’s ratings juggernaut The Hills may end after this season proving that perhaps there is a God after all. Turns out these jackasses, including the Laurens (above), are holding out for more money and fail to realize they could be easily replaced with chimps. Which would probably make the show exponentially more watchable. (Provided the… More »

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