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Holy Sh*t, It’s The Reverse-Flash!

I’ve been covering pedophiles and mental illness all week, so for a non-depressing change of pace, and to tickle my nerd-bone, here’s the first look at Reverse-Flash (or God help us, Professor Zoom) on the set of The Flash yesterday. For the record, these are stunt doubles, so if you watched the premiere and are… More »

Kevin Smith Says Nikki Finke’s DC Comics Movie List Is ‘Completely Legit’

Like any nerd worth his mint on card penis safely sealed in a Mylar bag, Wednesdays are when I scurry down to the local comic shop to spend my hard-earned money on 32-pages of chiseled dudes in tights, and because I can, I’m dragging you down into the mud with me. – *grabs you byMore »

The New Flash Suit Looks Like This In Real Life

After releasing a photo of the mask last month, DC Comics officially unveiled the new costume for The CW The Flash show starring Grant Gustin. And while the promotional image actually looked kind of badass, it’s now pretty obvious that was a preemptive strike against today’s set photos which look.. not as badass. In fact,… More »