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It’s More Rita Ora Topless

I heard you liked Rita Ora topless, so we put more Rita Ora topless in your Rita Ora topless. And kicked Rob Kardashian in the balls. It seemed like the thing to do at the time. More »

It’s Rita Ora Topless

Rita Ora topless is inside. What are you waiting for? More »

Terry Richardson’s Baby Shower Cake Seems Appropriate

This is the part where I should probably apologize in advance. I’m sorry. More »

Miley Cyrus Is Even More Naked

Oh, Hey, Miley Cyrus’ Vagina, Long Time No See

Miley Cyrus got naked for Candy Magazine and you’ll never guess who took the pics. (Terry Richardson. It was Terry Richardson.) More »

Terry Richardson Is Going To Be A Dad

Kylie Jenner Posed For Terry Richardson

Kylie Jenner poses for Terry Richardson which isn’t quite porn, but it’s getting there. More »

Anastasia Ashley’s Butt Posed For Terry Richardson

Anastasia Ashley posed for Terry Richardson. I hope she’s okay. More »

Kate Upton Was Pissed Everyone Saw Her ‘Cat Daddy’ Video

Kate Upton reveals Terry Richardson was never supposed to release her ‘Cat Daddy’ video which she thought was shot just for fun. More »

Chloë Sevigny Doesn’t Love Jennifer Lawrence?! BURN HER

Chloe Sevigny thinks Jennifer Lawrence is ‘crass’ and ‘annoying.’ More »

That ‘Suicide Squad’ Movie With Jared Leto As The Joker Is Happening

Yesterday, Warner Bros. confirmed in a press release that Jared Leto will play The Joker in the film version of Suicide Squad along with announcing the rest of the cast which includes:

Will Smith as Deadshot (“BUT HE’S WHITE!” – The Internet soon)
Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn
Tom Hardy as… More »

Terry Richardson Photoshopped Mariah Carey? NO!

Jezebel got a hold of the unretouched shots from Mariah Carey’s photo shoot with Terry Richardson which I’m going to kick over to them because it’s their exclusive and I’m not a dick. I’m just a simple journalist trying to uncover the truth, and through that truth encourage people to ask themselves how many times… More »

Miley Cyrus: ‘Noah Is My P*ssy Police’

If it seems like Miley Cyrus has been spending an awful lot of time with her 14-year-old sister Noah lately, it’s because she’s in charge of making sure Miley’s vagina is ready to be shown to as many as possible with a leotard violently wedged up in it. Haha! And you worked at Dairy Queen… More »

And Now Back To ‘Whose Face Did Terry Richardson Put His Penis On This Time?’

When we last left Terry Richardson, he was photographing Mariah Carey’s children, so what better time for another story of him “allegedly” jabbing his dick into an unsuspecting model’s face? It’s the perfect segue. Via Jezebel: … More »

James Franco Wrote A Short Story About Not Having Sex With Lindsay Lohan

In his ongoing war to make sure everyone knows he didn’t bang Lindsay Lohan despite appearing on her celebrity sex list, French colonial auteur James Franco has written a “fictional” short story for Vice entitled Bungalow 89 which recalls a “fictional” night not sticking his penis in a “fictional” Lindsay Lohan. And so like any… More »

Mariah Carey Posed For Uncle Terry With Her Kids

Terry Richardson loves to jerk off on models’ faces, so what better person to take a nice family photo of you in lingerie with your kids? Which is apparently the kind of thought Mariah Carey has because here she is doing exactly that. In the meantime, those giant breasts might be single soon thanks to… More »

Those Are Rita Ora’s Nipples

Posted by Photo Boy

I don’t know if it’s all of the cocaine, or if it’s just all of the cocaine, but consummate pervert and noted ocular health ignoramus, Terry Richardson, really has a knack for giving a ton of cocaine to famous women and getting them to expose their breasts. Some have… More »

Lindsay Lohan Posed For Uncle Terry Again

Lindsay Lohan is trying to pass herself off as a sober, serious movie star, so the last thing she should do is go anywhere near the Chateau Marmont and/or Terry Richardson. Except he’s the only one who somehow makes her … More »

Lady GaGa’s Born This Way Foundation Only Gave $5,000 Of Its $2 Million To Actual Charity

Celebrity charities are by and large horseshit shell corporations – if not outright scams – to give their friends and families cushy jobs that pay them with donated money to do basically jackshit. And if you think Lady GaGa is a special hermaphroditic snowflake of artistic integrity who’s different than all the other celebrities, congratulations,… More »

A Model Claims Terry Richardson Jerked Off On Her Face In The Middle of A Photo Shoot

Tampon tea aficionado Terry Richardson is no stranger to sexual harrasment allegations, so here’s another model that’s come forward with her tale that sounds exactly like Terry’s M.O. Via Jezebel: … More »

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