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Farrah Abraham Attacked A Teen Mom Producer

Farrah Abraham is responsible for a child’s emotional and physical well-being. Support Planned Parenthood today. More »

Jenelle Evans Is Wanted For Assaulting Her Ex-Fiance

Jenelle Evans is wanted for an alleged assault that happened a week after she got arrested for driving without a license, so things are going great. More »

Everybody F*cking Hates Farrah

‘Teen Mom OG’ is apparently all about how much everyone hates Farrah Abraham. You watch ‘Real Housewives,’ so don’t pretend you’re above this. More »

Farrah Abraham Is The ‘New Economy,’ You Guys

Farrah Abraham’s parents are a real piece of work. More »

MTV Drops Farrah Abraham From ‘Teen Mom’ For Being A ‘Bad Example’

Snooki is a drunken little shit-midget pickle-vacuum who’s not even potty-trained. Amber Portwood is a suicidal drug addict who’s been in and out jail for beating the shit out of her baby’s daddy presumably because he has a goddamn tail. And Jenelle Evans is so out of control she almost got Teen Mom cancelled, yet… More »

Farrah Abraham Tried To Sell Autographed Photos of Herself For $50 At A Porn Convention

Hey, remember that chick who did that thing where stuff went up her butt? Well, here she is at Exxxotica 2013 over the weekend where she literally thought people would pay $50 for autographed photos of her. Here’s how well that turned out. Although, according to DrunkenStepfather, two young female fans of Teen Mom actually… More »

A (Deferred) Word On Why Chrissy Teigen Was Exactly Right About Farrah Abraham

In response to reading that Farrah Abraham was pretending she got pregnant by James Deen while filming her professional pornographic movie that she tried to lie and say was a leaked sex tape, swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen tweeted this:

farrah abraham now thinks she is pregnant from her sex tape. in other news… More »

Farrah Abraham Is Getting A New Reality Show, According To Farrah Abraham

Because the narrative has to be that her plan worked, here’s Farrah Abraham telling Hollywood Life that she’s moving to LA now to pursue tons of reality show offers, you guys. And, of course, she’s bringing her daughter Sophia because she’s a super-important part of her life and not because if these talks are even… More »

James Deen Is Pissed Farrah Abraham’s Pretending He Got Her Pregnant During Their ‘Sex Tape’

“Dear God, it’s me, Farrah. Can butts have babies?”

I was really trying to avoid this story because it was clearly nothing more than Farrah Abraham trying to cram more press into her ass like the glass dildo in her pornographic movie that was not a leaked sex tape, so to bring everyone… More »

Surprise! You Were Never Going To Be Kim Kardashian: An Open Letter To Farrah Abraham

Hey, Farrah, how you doing?

By now your sex tape has been out for an entire business week, and you probably feel pretty awesome because everyone’s talking about you and doing interviews with you and totally believing all your horseshit.

Except they’re not, and welcome to your last remaining bits of… More »

Teen Mom Farrah Wants You To Believe Her ‘Sex Tape’ Was The Only Time She’s Had Sex In A Year

Now that 95% of the Internet has seen at least some sort of clip from Teen Mom Farrah’s “sex tape,” it’s now abundantly clear this thing was a professionally shot, by-the-numbers, hardcore adult film and there was absolutely nothing private or intimate about it. (Okay, maybe the squirting.) To put things in perspective, you could… More »

Teen Mom Farrah’s ‘Sex Tape’ Has A Trailer Because It’s A Porno She Purposefully Made For Money

While I was on vacation last week, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham signed a deal with Vivid to release her sex tape, and by signed a deal I mean they all pretended she got paid a million dollars for a professional porno she already got paid for acting in as a porn star. So if… More »

Farrah Abraham Will Make Almost A Million Dollars For ‘Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom’

“This is how mommy secured your college fund. Kidding! I’m totally spending it on cars and butt implants.”

Posted by Photo Boy

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham is officially a successful scam artist and pornographer after securing a deal with Vivid for close to a million dollars fuck this world I really… More »

Teen Mom Farrah’s Doing Bikini Photos With Her Daughter Now. Goddammit.

“How’s that pactissin’ fer work, mama?”

Earlier today we found out Teen Mom Farrah brought her three-year-old daughter to Vivid’s offices to “negotiate” her sex tape (Read: Pretend she wasn’t paid for it in advance and already signed a release form.), so why not follow up that with mommy/daughter swimsuit photos to boost… More »

Teen Mom Farrah Brought Her 3-Year-Old Daughter To Sex Tape Negotiations

When we last left Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, she finally got kicked out of her mom’s house – Or moved out to be in a “more positive environment,” if you want the bullshit version. – and set off to make it on her own if making it on your own means getting an apartmentMore »

Teen Mom Farrah’s Mom Kicked Her Out

“But who’s going to raise my daughter for free?”

I’m going to try and present this in the most humble way possible, but clearly Teen Mom Farrah’s mom read my letter and found it be so fuck-full of truth and wisdom that my words transformed her into a glowing beam of pure awesome… More »

Teen Mom Farrah Says James Deen Has A Small Penis, Claims Sex Tape Was ‘Like A Wedding Video’

Despite the fact James Deen works in porn and there are hundreds of hours of video footage where people/Photo Boys can look at his penis, Farrah Abraham decided to say it’s small because that’ll teach him to exactly lay out the plans to pretend the porno she made is a leaked sex tape. TMZ reports:… More »

Teen Mom Farrah Was Already Paid For Her Sex Tape That’s Really A Porno

Earlier in the week, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham finally admitted that her “leaked sex tape” was really a porno she shot with James Deen, but then tried to say it was for her private collection and she’d only release it for $2 million. So naturally none of that turned out to be true because… More »

Teen Mom Farrah’s Mom Doesn’t Believe This Innocent Child of God Would Make A Sex Tape

Now that everyone knows Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham made a [literal pornographic movie with the intent of pretending it’s a] sex tape, let’s find out what her mom thinks while she’s sitting in the Midwest basically raising Farrah’s kid. TMZ reports:

Debra tells us … her daughter’s not the type that would… More »

Teen Mom Farrah’s ‘Sex Tape’ Is A Porno She Made With James Deen

Seen here in brand new bikini photos conveniently released the day news of her sex tape broke, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham actually made a full-on porno with James Deen that’s going to be released by Vivid making her the first, and surprisingly only, Teen Mom to do a reverse-Kim Kardashian like a fucking idiot. More »

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